Karol G’s new single “Sejodioto” has risen to the top 10 on the Billboard Latin Airplay chart. The wordplay on the title is meant to be a fun mash-up of reggaeton and hip-hop. The video, directed by Collin Tilley (who also directed the videos for “Bichota” and ‘Location’) features Karol G and other members of the band. The song’s title is a play onLatin-American culture, and it’s very catchy.

“Sejodioto” lands in the top 10 on the Latin Airplay Chart with a 36% increase in audience impressions. It jumps 19 spots on the Oct. 2, 2021-dated list. Meanwhile, Marco Antonio Solis’ “Se Veia Venir” climbed thirteen places to No. 14. And Karol G has placed two more No. 1s in the top 100.

‘SEJODIOTO’ by Ovy on the Drums has reached the Top 10 on the Latin Airplay chart. This song’s video was directed by Collin Tilley, who also directed ‘Bichota’. It features a lot of dance action and an end at a strip club.

Maluma’s ‘Pa’ Ti’ is the latest hit in the Latin Airplay Chart. The collaboration with Jennifer Lopez has made it to the Top 10 on the Latin Airplay Chart. It is the sixth song by Maluma to reach the Top 10. The track was a chart success for the singer.

‘Te Quiero’ by Marc Anthony, ‘Tequiero Baby’ by Chesca, and ‘Despacito’ by Pitbull have all made the Top 10 on the Latin Airplay Chart in March. The Spanish version of ‘Tequiero’ is the first song by the Brazilian rapper.

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Tequiero’ by Christian Char, has climbed to the Top 10 on the Hot Latin Songs chart. The song’s video has over 14 million views. In addition, the song’s audio quality is excellent. The artist is also well known for his smooth vocals. Ay, Dios Mio! by Cristiano Navarroa has soared to the top of the charts.

The most recent Latin Airplay chart update shows that ‘Mi Cama’ by Christian Char, by Karol G, has reached the top 10 on the Latin Airplay Chart for the fifth time since its release. The song has hit the Top 10 on the Spanish-language version of the Latin Airplay chart and has gone straight to the top.