An emerging star in hip-hop, the King Hansom recently released “Blizzard From Juice,”a beautifully arranged track with sharply crafted lyrics, accompanied by upbeat tunes.

The hip-hop artist has always provided a high quality of his songs. King Hansom was always awed me by the raw , unfiltered intensity in his work. He has released some awe-inspiring music in the last few years during his long career. The solo artist has always strived to produce great music and this is something that I admire quite a bit. His most recent release “Blizzard From Juice’is a fantastic song, and comes with an engaging video that’s enjoyable to listen to. The last album he released, ‘Capricorn the Goat’ reached 1.3 million views on Spotify. The label that he is currently working with is called ‘WoeLife Music Group’.

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The hip-hop artist of the new age originates born in Newport, Rhode Island. He began to develop a passion for hip-hop culture at an extremely young age. Being gifted with musical talent, he began getting noticed at the age of his beginning as a musician. In addition, he’s making plans for a new project which will be released in 2022.

The new album, “Blizzard from Juice,” was released on the internet just a few minutes ago and has been praised by many people. Some of his other tracks include ‘Toya Says’ “Hate my life “Yoshi, The song ‘Money will be here soon’. Keep up with King Hansom on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and his YouTube channel to learn more.