The star’s account has been banned for 24 hours following his most recent posts on the social media site. The reason for the ban is unclear, but a spokesperson for Instagram said the company would take “additional steps” if he continues to violate its policies. In addition to his harassment of celebrities, Kanye also made controversial posts about Kim Kardashian, his current boyfriend Pete Davidson, and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Instagram has suspended the star for 24 hours after he posted messages critical of celebrities, including Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian. The rapper has also been accused of teasing Trevor Noah and David Sirus on the platform. He has also been blocked from making comments on other users’ posts and from sending direct messages. The suspension is a result of his frequent postings on the social media site.

The rapper recently took aim at Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian on Instagram, which was followed by a ban. The posts were considered abusive and violated the company’s hate speech and harassment policies. The rapper was not allowed to post, comment, or DM anybody until the 24 hours’ suspension was lifted. The site is currently investigating what happened to West and his fans, but he has apologized for the suspension and apologized for his behavior.

The controversial rapper Kanye West has been banned from Instagram for 24 hours due to recent attacks on Trevor Noah and Kim Kardashian. The controversial star has apologised for his posts, but he did not clarify why he was suspended from the social media site. The latest posts by the singer were in violation of the platform’s hate speech policy, and the content has been removed from the website.

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According to the company, Kanye West has been banned from Instagram for 24 hours following his latest posts. The social media platform is investigating the reason for the suspension, and will take further action if the rapper is caught breaking its rules. Despite the ban, the singer will not be able to post, comment, or send DMs. The reason for the suspension is not yet clear.

The rapper was not allowed to post comments on Instagram after he made the controversial posts. The rapper had reportedly been banned from Instagram for 24 hours because of the posts he made on the site about Trevor Noah, a talk show host. The slur was later deleted, but other posts remain on the account. The ban is not related to the alleged racism. It is possible that the content was deleted by the company because it violated its policies regarding hate speech and bullying.

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