After being named one of the most popular female artists of all time by the ITV ratings, Jesy Nelson has decided to step away from her ITV show, Life Stories. She has chosen to focus on her music instead, which she believes is more important at the moment. The show is hosted by Kate Garraway, who took over from Piers Morgan last year.

Although she has had a turbulent past, Nelson has been busy focusing on her solo career. Her first solo single, Boyz, was released last year, just a year after leaving Little Mix. She has also been the subject of a lot of speculation due to her personal life. However, she has tried to stay away from the spotlight as much as possible, avoiding any unnecessary controversy.

While her career has suffered since leaving Little Mix, she has not stepped back. She starred in her first solo single, Boyz, last year, and has toured the world. After leaving the group, Jesy released a slew of singles and toured extensively. The success of her debut single, “Boyz”, was followed by a series of live concerts and appearances on the ITV channel.

After leaving Little Mix, Jesy had a series of setbacks. She released her debut solo single in February, but was not able to release her album due to a lack of funds. Her fans were eagerly awaiting the release of her debut album. As a former barmaid, Jesy was one of the most famous members of the band. Her strained relationship with her former bandmates led her to snubbing the ITV show to concentrate on her music.

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Throughout her career, Jesy Nelson has been very public about her mental health. She’s spoken about her experiences in her new documentary, Odd One Out, which broke a number of BBC ratings records and won a National Television Award. The news was widely shared and she continues to work on her debut album. While the public has been eagerly awaiting her new songs, she snubbed the ITV show to focus on her musical projects.

After leaving the band, Jesy Nelson’s career has suffered a series of setbacks. She released her debut solo single, Boyz, and her new single with Boyz. Despite these setbacks, she has managed to avoid further controversy in her personal life. In fact, she’s even said she wanted to stay away from her bandmates.

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