Kanye West has launched a vicious attack on his former fiancee Pete Davidson across a series of Instagram posts. The rapper recently congratulated a photo of his new wife, Kim Kardashian, on her rehab success. He then went on to ask Davidson to handle family issues privately. The teen star deleted a screenshot of the message and has since denied the accusations.

Kanye West has gone on a Twitter tirade attacking his longtime friend, Kim Kardashian. He has mocked Davidson for having an alleged baby and changed his name to Skatee. He also shared a screengrab of an article from Breitbart about the comedian’s alleged use of drugs. He also invited Davidson to a face-off battle and removed Kid Cudi’s name from Donda 2. Fans are shocked and upset by the rapper’s vitriol and his sarcasm.


The rap mogul ripped Davidson’s reputation and made his relationship with Kim Kardashian a nightmare. After the news spread, he returned to Instagram and updated his social media presence. Despite the fact that he did not provide context for the post, fans believe that he was subtly slamming Kanye West. But it’s important to remember that the two stars have remained friends and that West has not been shy about teasing Davidson.

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After the scandal, Kanye West’s response has been surprisingly lenient and sincere. He apologized to Kim Kardashian and Davidson for their friendship on social media and deleted all of his Instagram posts. However, the two have yet to respond to each other in other posts. He hasn’t posted on his other accounts since his failed presidential run. So what’s next for the pair?

While his scathing comments on Kim Kardashian’s ex-fiancee, Pete Davidson, has been under fire for several months now. In an Instagram post, the rapper said, “I’m not the one who sent the text. I’m just a woman, and I can’t be a good partner.” But he still has plenty of room to work on his relationship with Pete Davidson.

Davidson hasn’t responded to Kanye West’s scathing remarks, but he did respond to a message on the former Yeezy’s Instagram account. He apologized to his followers for the “horrific” messages he received from Pete Davidson. The two men are in a relationship and Kanye has publicly rebuffed his demands for them.

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