A recent lawsuit has claimed that Ed Sheeran’s song “Shape of You” is too similar to a previous song by Grime artist Sami Chokri. The court has dismissed the lawsuit and ordered the singer to pay the co-writers of the original song. But the dispute has also created a frenzy in the music world. According to a report by The Guardian, the authors of “Oh Why” and the composer of “Shape Of You” have not been compensated for their efforts.

Despite the similarities, Mr Ricigliano, an expert in music, said the songs were not identical. However, they were both published by Billboard on the global 200 chart. The two artists are also listed on the Greek digital song sales charts. The Hungarian single Top 40 list was released on 9 April 2017. And Mr Chokri’s lawyers say the track sounds almost identical in a chanted manner.

Nevertheless, the similarities are not so apparent at a superficial level. In addition to the similarities in the song, Sheeran’s name is German, and the hit has reached the global 200 chart. In the UK, ‘Shape Of You’ is on the top 40 charts in both the UK and France, and the French version topped the list in December 2016.

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In the US, the song “Shape of You” has been accused of being a copycat of Sami Chokri’s song “Oh Why.” The similarities are subtle, but noticeable, and the two songs have different genres. American forensic musicologist Anthony Ricigliano concluded that it was unlikely that the similarities were the result of copyright. Another expert, Christian Siddell, found the similarities to be striking.

The similarities are too close to be coincidence to be true. Despite this, the similarities are still too close to be ignored. The hit song was also similar to another song by a German rapper. The songwriter, Sami Switch, claimed that he copied the song. The British copyright law isn’t binding on him to copy the song.

The pop star denies copyright, despite the similarities between the two songs. Despite the similarities, the songs are very different in their compositions. The original version of the song was written by Sami Chokri and Sami Switch and the second was by Sheeran. Apparently, “Shape of You” is a derivative of the song by both artists.

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