After publicly slamming Kim Kardashian, Kanye West has now called out her security team for not letting him bring the children to the  basketball game. The singer and actress shared a throwback photo with his late mother, Donda, on her Instagram. The two are in the middle of their divorce, which is expected to be finalized in February 2021. The couple has four children together, Saint, Psalm, Chicago West, and Chicago.

The accusations came as a shock to Kim Kardashian, who is already being accused of keeping Kanye West away from her children. It was rumored that Kanye had planned two separate birthday parties, one for North and one for his daughter, Chi. The children were not prevented from attending the parties, but there was no word of it from the security team. However, a source close to the Kardashians told E! that the two agreed to separate the birthday parties for their children.

Earlier, Kanye West claimed that Kim Kardashian had not permitted him to bring the kids to the C basketball game. His rant sparked outrage on social media, and it was reported that Kim was not allowed to bring the kids to the C basketball game because of the security guards. He did not name the security guards, but he did say that Kim’s security was strict enough to prevent her from bringing her kids to the game.

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While the Kardashians are in the middle of their divorce, Kanye West has been in public criticism of the former reality TV star, claiming that the singer did not allow him to bring the kids to the C basketball game last year. This latest feud has left fans fuming over the issue of parenting. It seems Kim has had enough of this, and she has been busy with the KKW Beauty business and dating actor Pete Davidson.

As the rumors continue to pile up over the issue of Kim Kardashian’s family’s drug use, Kanye reacted to Kim’s claim that she forced him to take a drug test to get access to his kids. His tweets also referred to his claims that Kardashian made it a point to snoop around the family and the kids.

As the couple sat in the C-Houston hospital, Kanye’s kids were not allowed to attend the party. The singer’s kids were not allowed to attend the event because Kim Kardashian was not in the mood. This is an ongoing dispute between the stars, who are still speaking with their children. Neither of them wants to have their children in a situation where they cannot enjoy each other’s company.

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