Tom Holland says he got in hot water for promoting Spider-Man: No Way Home by describing the latest film by Sony and Marvel Studios in a way that was “brutal.”

Tom Holland says that he was in trouble for his description of Spider-Man”No Way to Home to be an “brutal” movie. It’s perhaps the most mature of the three MCU Spider-Man films The Jon Watts-directed third installment is the first to take Peter Parker to the next stage with the forthcoming Spider-Man 4.. Because the character is well-known and the rumors about the stellar actors, Marvel Studios and Sony did not have to push the film too difficult for fans to be intrigued. However, it appears that there was a mistake in how to advertise it, as Holland recently admitted.

The marketing for Spider-Man The Way Home was delayed, perhaps due to the fact that Marvel Studios and Sony knew that the public was already fascinated by the film. It was, however, difficult to get it promoted considering the way in which its story would reveal many of the spoiler aspects in the movie. Despite persistent rumors of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire were going to appear in their own versions of Spider-Man The studios were hesitant, choosing to keep the reveal for the movie the film. The end result was that the plan was successful and the film Spider-Man”No Way Home,” already netting over $1.5 billion.

Despite its huge popularity, Holland, apparently, has remained in hot water for his promotion of the film. In an interview with THR Holland, the actor talked about receiving a phone call calling Spider-Man There’s No Way to Home in a way that was “brutal. “ As it turns out, Marvel Studios and Sony did not want to associate the word “brutal” with the film since they wanted the public to believe it’s a fun film instead.

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It’s not surprising to understand why Marvel Studios and Sony decided to promote Spider-Man There’s No Way Home as an entertaining, lighthearted and fun film because it could draw a larger population. The fans of Marvel’s MCU as well as the movie were bound to go to the theater regardless of the way it going to be received and the advertising targeted to movie-goers who are not a fan. The fact that it was launched around Christmastime all more prompted the studios to make it as a kid-friendly film. The decision to stop Holland from calling it being a “brutal” movie did not mean that the public was misled. The tone of the blockbuster was quite lighthearted, but when in comparison to its predecessors in the genre, it was actually one of the more emotional.

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