However, regardless of whether or not the public has accepted his views, Kanye has always had different opinions on his Black community. On the course of his drink Champsinterview the year before, Kanye spoke about the notion that it was Black History Month and why it is his opinion that we should choose Februrary to become “Black Future Month” instead. The possibility is that 2022 could be the year for the first time that “Black Future Month” will occur… for at the very least for Kanye.

Fivio Foreign tweeted on Friday (Jan. 21) that Kanye said to him that the month of February will be the month that Kanye West calls “Black Future Month”

“Kayne told us we’re doing Blaccc next month this year.. It’s over. History month. We work to improve,” Fivio tweeted.

It’s clear that Ye’s mind for a long time. He discussed it during his famous Drink Champsinterview which was released in November. “Put the following on Black Twitter today… How come? I’m looking for an Black Future Month, I require Black Possibility Month. I’m sick of seeing us being treated like a puddle. I’m sick of hearing about slavery and the fact that we’re blessed to be able to vote for the woman we haven’t seen since the last election.”

West added, “Most Black People, we don’t even know where we came from”We don’t know our origins. We think that we’re descendants of slaves” West said in the moment. “We do not know our bloodline. We’re being given Black History Month, and we interpret it as an offer to us. It’s actually a program for us. It doesn’t end until we reach an age where we no longer needing to use the word “Black” on the front of it since it’s as if we’re placing the rim slightly lower to our own sake.”

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Ye continued to make his case to the effect that there should not be an Black historical month stating “We should not be required to create a box, or a specific month. What they display in Black History Month is us being hosed down and informing us that we were slaves. What if we could Do you remember When I played games with You Month? Remember When You First Found the Text Messages? What does it make you feel? You feel depleted and depressed.”

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