A recent video of Justin Bieber’s performance in Los Angeles set the Internet on fire. The 24-year-old pop star paused mid-performance to dedicate a song to his wife, calling her “the most beautiful woman in the world.” The video quickly went viral, garnering millions of views. Meanwhile, Hailey wrote a touching tribute for her husband on his birthday.

After teasing the possibility of having a baby with Hailey, the singer confirmed he would start trying next year. The upcoming documentary, titled Our World, will focus on the lead-up to Bieber’s first full concert in three years. Despite the rumors, the couple has been married for three years and have been sharing pictures of themselves together ever since.

The song is a tribute to Hailey, the first in which Justin dedicated a single to his wife. In the video, the singer proclaimed that he was singing about Hailey at the concert. In an Instagram post, the singer confirmed that Hailey was in the audience, recording the performance. She even sat in the front row with Justin’s manager.

The video of Hailey and Justin’s anniversary came less than a week after their wedding day, when Justin shared a video of his happy couple celebrating their anniversary. This clip shows the two embracing each other and sharing moments of love and affection. In addition, the two even enjoyed a double date with famous NBA player Devin Booker, where they sat with their manager.

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The newlyweds are the toast of the internet, as Hailey is now a wife of the teen pop sensation Justin Bieber. Though fans speculate about the possibility of Hailey giving birth, the couple has said they will start their family in a few years. And they are not wasting any time planning. You can read their touching caption on Instagram. This story will help you make up your mind about the impending nuptials.

As soon as the couple decided to marry, speculations began circulating about their baby plans. Although Hailey and Nick both share the same father, the singer’s younger siblings are a mystery to fans. Their baby will be born in September 2020. And despite the many rumors, it is hard to say for certain when the couple will actually start planning for a baby.

While a marriage can be difficult, a relationship can be even more complicated if both partners aren’t happy. Unlike his wife, he doesn’t have the time to push her around to get her attention. It’s perfectly fine to admit that the two of you have been together for several years, but they aren’t in a relationship anymore. The couple’s daughter, however, is a huge source of support for both parties.

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