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An up-and-coming singer from Atlanta named Jordan Bolch has quickly garnered a stellar reputation among the most influential figures in the modern music industry. His musical productions have a quality that is both interesting and distinctively their own. Incorporating a diverse range of musical styles into Jordan’s productions has allowed him to enjoy greater creative and expressive freedom. 

Creativity and freedom of expression are critical factors contributing to creating great music and great music productions. Since he was a young boy, Jordan has had a profound appreciation for all genres of music. He is an accomplished musician in a wide range of musical genres. He is about to embark on an exciting career as a recording artist and producer.

Life Background

Jordan Bass Bolch, better known by his stage name Jordan Bolch, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in August 1986. His immediate family includes an older brother in addition to three sisters. His grandfather, Carl Bolch Sr., was the founder of RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc., and Jordan’s father, Carl Bolch Jr., currently serves as the company’s Chairman. RaceTrac Inc. is a multinational corporation with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and it now owns and operates more than 800 gas stations across the United States. In addition, Jordan is involved with this company by serving on the board of directors.

Career Journey

2015 marked the beginning of Jordan Bolch’s career as a solo musician. After teaming up with Richie Schwab and Patrick Collier, both of whom are in the music production industry, he released his debut studio album, titled “Slide,” in 2015. Pop, R&B, and Electronic Dance Music are the three genres that Jordan most frequently fuses in his music.

His musical style is influenced by a wide range of well-known musicians, such as Billy Joel, The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney, Craig David, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, and Michael Jackson. Soon after working with them, he established his recording studio and named it Jordan Bolch Studios.

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Ted Jensen from Sterling Sounds was in charge of mastering Jordan’s most recent album, World Tour. A second studio known as “Auricle Studios” was established by him in Studio City, California. Patrick Collier is responsible for its management and operation at present. 

Jordan released an album for the electronic dance music community called “Worldwide Remixes,” which featured reimagined versions of songs. The album contains 13 tracks. Jordan is a co-founder of the streetwear brand Six Feathers. He and Scott Freeze are responsible for the design of articles of clothing.

Jordan Bolch Collaboration with Scott Storch

On the upcoming album, he is collaborating with Scott Storch. Auricle Studios will be the name of the new establishment he will be opening in Miami’s Design District.

Jordan believes that he can always maintain a firm grasp on his goals, which he considers to be an advantage in his role as a music producer. His ability to improve his production styles and musical approaches by defining the objectives and following the work plan has been helpful to him.  As a professional music producer, he is in charge of managing the creative process that is involved in the recording of musical performances. 

You can listen to his audio songs on various musical platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.