Feature image of new single getting money by Boobieblood

Although we frequently hear the statement “music has no borders,” the fact remains that very few people meet the requirements for this category. The globe witnessed some of the best musicians and singers in the world. Michael Jackson was one of the world’s most well-known singers and was one of the best musicians the world has ever seen. His commitment and passion for singing continue to live on in people’s hearts, and his followers used to listen to some of the songs that broke records he had recorded. The point of giving this example here is to recognise that a person’s achievement is directly proportionate to the amount of time and effort they put into obtaining their goals. At the same time, luck is also a component and plays a significant role.


Rasheed Abdullah, better known by his stage name BoobieBlood, was born and reared in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States. He began singing when he was 12 years old but only did it as a hobby until a tragedy struck him. When BoobieBlood was still a young man, BoobieBlood served time in jail for three years (reasons not shared). After BoobieBlood concluded that his singing was his true skill, he began to take his singing more seriously. He concluded that he should pursue it as a career. At first, he created a few mixtapes, but after getting sufficient expertise in the music industry, he released his debut studio album, titled “I Want it All,” in 2019. The listeners’ reactions to the record were overwhelmingly positive.

New Single ‘Getting Money’

BoobieBlood has recently been causing a stir in the industry, among other things. “Getting Money” is the title of his most recent single, which he is releasing to start the year 2022. When Boobie talks about how he’s been working harder and earning more money over the past year, he comes on strong with his aggressiveness. It is especially true when Boobie talks about how he’s been working. He has been profitable for the entirety of the year 2021, and he now intends to push himself to his maximum potential in preparation for the release of his upcoming album in this calendar year. On May 8th, he will play in Miami as an opening act for Rick Ross as a part of Miami Racing Weekend due to a mix up he was not on the show, but now he got a Feature with legendary Jadakiss, on the way, and he’s also dropping a new single this year with his label mate (kam nasty). 

The album’s encouraging lyrics and beautiful music were major contributors to the album’s overall popularity. The song “Introduction,” located near the start of the CD, is the one that strikes out as being particularly noteworthy. 

Boobieblood is dropping his album this year called (the main Fokus) and He is signing a new artist to his own label Wyldlyfemusikgroup, named, Twoeight blocka ) be on the lookout for him. 

You can get access through a myriad of different channels, some of which include Apple Music and Spotify, amongst others. BoobieBlood is putting in a lot of effort to build a positive reputation for himself and his region, and he is starting to experience some success due to this endeavour. This performer has much more to contribute to the music world than they are now demonstrating in their performance. In the years to come, we are certain he will achieve his goals with flying colours.