In an Instagram Story, Jessie J talked about the trolls who blasted her weight gain after miscarriage. The singer said the troll was “bold and strange” and said she felt “devastated.” The troll’s comment came just hours after Jessie J shared the news of her miscarriage.

Despite her weight gain post, Jessie J is still not backing down. She talks of the trolls who commented on her bikini photo, calling her fat and pregnant. However, the singer says she is not worried about the trolls, because her weight isn’t the issue. Her body shape and weight aren’t a problem, so she can’t be embarrassed about them.

Jessie J recently addressed the trolls who had been blasting her weight gain after miscarriage. She explains that she felt hurt by the trolls’ comments, which she later deleted. During her recent interview with a troll, she addressed her concerns and apologized for not listening to her critics.

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After she hid the miscarriage from the public, JessieJ has publicly addressed the comments. She has since gone on to apologize to her fans for the comments. In the meantime, she has spoken out in public about the trolls. She also spoke about how sex discrimination has affected her career. It’s heartbreaking to hear that trolls attacked her for having a miscarriage.

The singer’s comments have also prompted her to respond to the trolls who criticized her weight gain after her miscarriage. She is now urging the public to stop commenting on other people’s weight and fat. Whether a person is skinny or pregnant, it’s up to the public to decide. If you feel uncomfortable commenting on someone else’s weight, just ignore them.

The star has been vocal in her recent response to the trolls who have criticised her weight. In one recent tweet, she responded to comments saying that she looks thin or pregnant. She also said that she is “not embarrassed” of her new weight and has a positive attitude about her appearance. This is because she is a woman who’s body is a reflection of her inner strength

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