The Queen battled tears at the Prince Philips memorial service on Tuesday, according to an expert. The 97-year-old fought back tears as she walked alongside the grieving prince, which she had not been able to do for many years. Earlier in the day, the queen wiped a tear with her hand, and Princess Beatrice, the Duke of Edinburgh’s daughter, also broke down during the service. The royal family decided to attend the funeral despite her health problems, which she had suffered following the Covid affliction.

But the Queen’s condition has deteriorated since last year, and she will have to be more selective about her engagements in coming months. Her attendance at the Duke of Edinburgh’s Thanksgiving service will be more important than ever, as she will be determined to make it. Although the memorial service is scaled back, the royal family will still try to make it to the funeral. This week’s visit is a far cry from last year, when she was unable to attend the mourning of her beloved Prince Philip.

It’s not a surprise that the queen has had increasing mobility problems in recent months. Her aides have been working with the funeral organisers and her doctors to make sure she attends the Duke of Edinburgh‘s Thanksgiving service. Nevertheless, she is unable to attend the Duke of Edinburgh’s Thanksgiving service this year because of her weakened state. During the last public engagement at Windsor Castle, she acknowledged that she was in a frail state.

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The Queen’s attendance at the royal funeral will be a poignant experience for her. The presence of her son, Prince Andrew, helped the royal family. Despite her grief, the Duke was present to help the Queen through the service. In addition, he is expected to attend the wedding in a few months. The Queen’s presence at the funeral will undoubtedly dominate the media coverage.

The funeral of Prince Philips is likely to draw a large crowd, which is understandable given the regal monarchy’s fragile health. The regal couple are expected to meet again in April. However, a few other engagements are on the horizon that might require a Royal wedding. It is not a “one-time event” for the Queen. She will be attending more engagements in the coming weeks.

While the Queen is adamant that she will attend the funeral, the Queen’s body language is a crucial factor. She has a tendency to cry if she is not comfortable. She has admitted that she has mobility problems. She stood up during the hymns, but she remained a sombre mood throughout the service. During the reading of the Bible, the Dean of Windsor praised the regal couple’s compassionate nature and sense of humor.

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