After not releasing a new album since 2012’s ‘Banga’, Patti Smith has confirmed she will be releasing one last full-length record. The musician went semi-retired after her highly acclaimed debut ‘Banga,’ and spent the next 17 years raising her three children. She said she was “an unreasonable, demanding a**hole” during that time, and that she wasn’t growing as an artist.

Patti Smith isn’t the only singer-songwriter with big plans. She’s also the only musician in the world to have released 12 studio albums and has said she plans to release one more. She was recently interviewed by the Guardian and revealed that she is working on her 12th. After releasing Dream Of Life in 1988, she released six more studio albums. Her upcoming album will be her sixth LP since her ’90s career began.

After a long hiatus from music, Patti Smith was diagnosed with a chronic bronchial disorder that made performing in smoky venues physically debilitating. In addition to the physical ills, she felt she wasn’t growing as an artist. After many years of silence, she decided to return to music, but was scared that no one would remember her. Her friends, including Bob Dylan and Michael Stipe, rallied around her and supported her decision to come back to the stage.

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Earlier this year, the punk poet Laureate was quoted by The Guardian as saying she plans to release one final album. In an interview with The Guardian, Patti Smith revealed that she is working on her 12th studio album. After Dream Of Life, she released six more albums. However, she is now in the midst of writing her last album. Although she has been on a hiatus for several years, her commitment to the music industry is still strong.

The punk poet laureate has already started work on her 12th studio album. She revealed that she has been writing songs for at least five years, but it is unclear if she will release the new album. She has already released six albums since Dream Of Life, and is now working on her final. There are plans to release a live version of the album, but the artist wants to make her last one.

It is unclear if Patti Smith will release a final album, but she has said that she will keep writing as long as she is healthy. It is unclear if she will release the album. After her debut Dream Of Life, Smith has released six albums in the past 25 years. She is currently working on her 12th and final studio album, which is scheduled to be her last. The punk poet laureate will be releasing her final album in September or October.

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