In the midst of a turbulent 2018, Jennifer Lopez revealed one of her 2022 intentions: to be the best partner in the world. The singer took to Instagram to share her goals for the year. “I want to be the best partner in the world,” she said. The actress revealed that her goal involves her longtime boyfriend Ben Affleck. Her relationship with Affleck began in 1998 after she broke up with Alex Rodriguez.

“One of my intentions for 2022 is to be the best partner I can be.” She captioned a recent Instagram Selfie with the caption “I want to be the best partner in the world.” In addition, she wore a black CliMATTE Super Puff jacket from Aritzia. Fans were also quick to notice that JLo’s coffee mug featured the letter B.

“I want to be the best partner I can be,” she captioned a recent Instagram selfie with the caption, “Ben Affleck is the best partner I could ever have.” Interestingly, JLo used the letter B on her coffee mug. Considering the way Ben Affleck’s letters often appear on his mug, fans speculate that the “B” was meant to be Ben.

“I hope that in 2022 I can be the best partner I can be.” In a new interview with ET, Lopez says one of her goals is to be the best wife and mother possible for her children. While she is a single mother, she is still a single mom of twins. The two have a steamy romance that includes a face-to-face communication, which she does every night.

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In addition to being the best partner, JLo’s 2022 Intentions include a number of other things. She is married to Marc Anthony and has twins with him. Her children are the most important part of her life, and it’s important to make sure her marriage is a happy one. In addition to this, she’s also very dedicated to her children and wants to be the best parent possible.

While Lopez has been linked to Rodriguez, the reality is much more complicated. She has been linked to Alex Rodriguez for a while, but she’s also been linked to other men in her past. She recently shared a photo of herself and Rodriguez backstage at a concert by the latter. She and Rodriguez are a couple, but they’ve been inseparable since the first year.