Alex Rodriguez has finally moved away from his ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez, and Alex Rodriguez is now ready to seek the love of his life once again.

Alex Rodriguez thinks Demi Moore is the perfect match for him.

A source said that Moore is the perfect match for Rodriguez because she would be able to bring Rodriguez back to the limelight. In the end, this is something he can’t accomplish by himself.

Rodriguez was a renowned baseball player for a long time however, he was not so famous as another players. However, when he began dating Lopez and then a girl, he gained more attention.

After his breakup with Lopez, Rodriguez has not been in the news as often as he did previously.

The source also stated that Rodriguez has been a fan on Moore for some time and is currently in love with Moore.

“He believes that she’s still hot and has been dreaming for a long time about getting married to her. He’s now trying to make it occur,” the source said.

The source also said that Rodriguez first noticed a connection with Moore at least 10 years ago, when they were hanging out with their friends.

The insider stated that it’s unlikely for Moore to share Rodriguez’s sentiments since she’s happy being single.

“And even if she did want to date again, she’s not interested in a guy who’s all about the show,” the source told.

In the meantime, Rodriguez previously made headlines when he was seen walking Ibiza along with his girlfriend Melanie Collins.

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The day before, he got back together with his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis sparking rumors that they’ve reconnected.

In reality, Rodriguez is yet to announced his relationship with Affleck at the time of writing. However, fans are aware the fact that Lopez has already parted ways to Rodriguez to Affleck.

However, there’s no evidence that Rodriguez is currently dating anyone at the moment. It’s clear that the tabloids are making up stories about potential love interests because Rodriguez is single.