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Today, we’re going to introduce you to “Izzy Tune,” a well-known face in the music world. He is a singer and songwriter who works in the Punjabi music industry. He’d always wanted to be a successful singer since he was a small child. He began his career in trucking approximately eight years ago. Before commencing his trucking business, Izzy was a music fan.

Emerging rapper Izzy Tune

Izzy Tune, aka Ayzaz Islam, is a new and emerging rapper releasing some of the best hip-hop singles. Music and poetry have always been his passions. The gifted artist started his path with poetry. He was known for his inventive poetry and little verses, which eventually led to his doing rap. To make it through the profession, he worked hard and honed his skills. Soon after, he began professional rapping and gained a large following thanks to his first song. He was inspired by the success of the first song and began working on new projects. 

The song’s concept

Izzy Tune, the hit singer, released his new pop single “2 That Matter” in Urdu and has a terrific flow of words. He portrayed his love for his daughters Saleena and Aaleyah in the song, which is the father’s love and emotions for his daughter. Izzy Tune wrote a piece for his daughters that shows that his daughter is so precious to him, as it happens to every father.

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It’s about his girls, and it’s more about a father’s love and loyalty to his children. For a long time, I’ve wanted to perform this song, he said. Aaleyah and Saleena are his daughters’ names, and they are known as Papa’s Angles.

Characteristics of a great artist

All of the song’s elements are fantastic, including the appropriate inspiring and beautiful lyrics. The tempo, texture, voice, and other factors are used to perfection, with each component’s proper function in mind. AM Fankaar and Romoo Hans did the full production. Izzy Tune also features an AM Fankaar and Romoo Hans and papas angels in the song.

Izzy tune artist image with a tree

Another remarkable feature of this artist is that he possesses a vocal range similar to that of the well-known Pakistani rapper Bohemia. We already loved Bohemia, so we respect and adore him much more when Izzy Tune is reminded of him. Izzy, like Bohemia, understands how to effectively use all of his vocals, knowing when to slow down and when to employ powerful vocals. His voice not only resembles that of a famous artist, but he also displays many of the characteristics of a great artist.

With a positive attitude and a lot of energy in his heart. His new song “2 that Matter” was released on 18th November 2021, which will undoubtedly be a massive hit for our melodious gentlemen. On Instagram, Izzy has a following of over 100K people.

Check out his song: “2 That Matter” on Youtube

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