Hyundai Motor IndonesiaHMID) DeniedStaria’sThe H1 would be replaced by the MPV. Staria is a new product, even though it shares the same body design as the H-1 (boxing and sliding doors), HMID stated.

Rumours that Staria will replace the H-1 and its commercial counterpart, Starex, circulated in Southeast Asia as they awaited its launch. Staria has been confirmed by two countries, Thailand and the Philippines, on July 9, 2009, respectively.

Astrid refuses to give details about Staria (including its appearance on the Jakarta Province Motor Vehicle Sales Value website)

The website shows that Hyundai registered one type STARIA 2.22WD 8AT with a large NJKB at IDR 450 millions. Staria has a 2,200cc engine and a two-wheel drive. It also features an eight-speed auto transmission.

Staria’s NJKB is also higher than Starex and H-1, which are still listed on this site. Staria is likely to sell for more than the Starex.

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Unconfirmed rumors also surround the Staria’s status in the Hyundai factory in Bekasi (West Java) as the first locally manufactured car.