The Covid-19 condition of the Luxembourg prime minister is'serious, but stable'

His government Monday said that Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel is in a “serious but stable” condition at a hospital with coronavirus.

Due to Covid-19 symptoms persisting, Bettel will be kept in hospital for up to four days.
After a summit of the European Union, a 48-year-old test positive for HIV. She was admitted to the hospital Sunday for additional tests and analysis.
“During this weekend the symptoms observed didn’t abate, so the Prime Minister was hospitalized as a precaution.” The Prime Minister was then diagnosed with insufficient oxygen saturation. Since then, he has been under constant medical observation,” Monday’s statement said.
“The Prime Minister’s medical condition is stable but serious at the moment. The Prime Minister’s medical team decided that hospitalization was necessary to allow for continued observation. This will be done for an estimated time of 2-4 days.
Bettel will remain in charge of all government decisions while in hospital. However, the statement states that Bettel will be replaced by the country’s Finance Minister, who will sign official documents in Bettel’s absence.
Pierre Gramegna, Minister of Finance, was given signing authority to ensure continuity in current affairs operations. The Prime Minister will remain responsible for the coordination of government work and will perform his duties remotely.
Bettel received the first dose of a coronavirus vaccination on May 6.
According to data from the government, Luxembourg, one of the smallest countries in Europe, saw an increase in infections over recent days. From June 21 to 27, 107 people were tested positive for Covid-19.
According to Johns Hopkins University data, the country has seen 71,429 cases of infection and 818 deaths since the outbreak. Up to date, 34.99% have been vaccinated.

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