Menanti McGregor Versi Ila Lawan Poirier di UFC264

UFC fans can see an insane version of the fight.Conor McGregorAgainstDustin PourierAtUFC 265Sunday, 1/11/2017, T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

McGregor hinted after losing to Poirier in January 24, that he would be back to being aggressive and scary to UFC opponents.

One of these signs is the Republic of Ireland fighter making the status “There are no more great guys” via Instagram, a few weeks after losing at UFC 257 to Poirier.

McGregor, unlike the fighters we have seen over the years, is not someone who appeared in UFC for his first time. The nicknamed “The Notorious” is a friendly fighter who never uses harsh words to his opponent. In January 2020, Donald Cerrone was the first to notice these changes.

Then came the criticism. McGregor is no longer considered a great fighter in UFC. McGregor is not a madman who can defeat his opponent in just the first round.

UFC 264 is a place where everything can change. McGregor will have the chance to display his dark side against Poirier. McGregor’s dark side is what earned him fame in UFC.

Poirier also said that McGregor’s crazy version has the chance to be at UFC 264. The fighter known as The Diamond stated that he is ready to face McGregor in any form.

“The best part about this fight is that McGregor can go insane again. I don’t care anymore.” Sherdog quoted Poirier as saying, “I really don’t care.”

“If McGregor goes insane in the last fight, then I’ll be fine. McGregor may be going insane again, I am certain. Poirier stated that McGregor was knocked out and silenced in front of the entire world in Abu Dhabi. .

Prior to the third encounter against McGregor at UFC 264, Poirier is extremely confident. McGregor even received advice from the 32-year-old fighter.

McGregor would have touched me right from the beginning and caused me to lose my rhythm. If this fight continues to round two, three, and four, then if we get into a fight that gets out of control, I will win 10 out of 10 fights. Poirier said.

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Poirier won the second round of TKO over McGregor at the second meeting in January 2021. McGregor won round one TKO over Poirier in September 2014.