Hailey Bieber talks about how she assists Justin Bieber on his sobriety journey.

Hailey Bieber shared how she helped Justin Bieber stay sober. She also shared stories about growing up in a household where substance abuse was a problem.

The model, aged 24, revealed that her family history includes “addiction.”

Hailey stated that Justin was very open about why he felt sober, why he needed it, and what alcoholic behavior looked like and where it came out.

The model however admitted that they had been through some “dark times” together and that it was difficult to talk about.

She said that she hadn’t “struggled” with any substances because her father, actor Stephen Baldwin, was already aware.

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She shared that her father was a “very severe cocaine user” and decided not to use it. She explained that she was afraid of the effects if she tried it once.

Hailey mentioned that Justin was close by people in recovery, making it easier to speak with him about his addiction.

It is helpful to have an open conversation, such as “Hey, where’re you at with this?” She was able to tell the truth and she said “Are you okay to do that?” I have asked Justin many times when I was anxious. Because you can remember a time when things weren’t going well in your life.

Hailey and Justin were married in 2018. They were first introduced by Justin’s father in 2009, but have been dating since 2015.