Rebel Wilson opens up about her weight-loss journey, admitting that she emotionally eats at times.

Rebel Wilson is now aware that she should have started earlier to reach her weight loss goal.

Wilson, 41, was the actress from “Pitch Perfect.” She worked hard to lose weight by the end.

She recently spoke out about her weight loss journey with People and said that she was unhappy about it. Although she didn’t believe she could do it initially, she realized that she should have done it many years earlier.

She said that one of her emotions was regret over not having done it sooner. “I have lost nearly 80 pounds last year and have maintained it this year. ‘Well, darn! “Well, darn! I wonder if I could have done that before. Should I have? I thought to myself. She admitted that she was feeling a bit depressed at the time. She must have been lacking confidence as she has gained weight every time she lost weight. She explained that she never believed she could achieve her goal.

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Wilson made a change of heart last year. She decided to prioritize her health, even though she was in her 40s. She believed it was never too late for her to improve her health and self-confidence.

Wilson claimed that she felt more self-confident after her weight loss success. Wilson did admit that she sometimes eats emotionally. I am not perfect. I do still eat emotionally at times. There are also stressful situations at work ,…, but I’m not perfect. She said that I have just recently learned how to manage my time.

According to “How to Be Single”, she’s had job problems due to her weight. She was too large when she first started in the profession. She decided to make the most out of her size. When she was cast in Fat Amy’s role on “Pitch Perfect,” her size was her greatest asset.