Andy Cohen defends Sarah Jessica Parker, and critics of her gray hair call it “misogynistic.”

Andy Cohen defends Sarah Jessica Parker after being criticised for her older appearance and age.

Cohen, 53, spoke about Parker (56) on Thursday’s “The Drew Barrymore Show” and clapped back to those who had insulted her gray hair. After the “Sex and the City’ star was seen having lunch with the host on “Watch What Happens Live” in New York City, the backlash began in July.

Cohen supported Parker by remarking that he too had “white hair”, but that only his friend has been mocked for it.

“She’s sat next to me and all of the pieces said, ‘Sarah Jessica Parker’. It was totally insane. People have totally missed the mark. Drew Barrymore, host of People, said that he was speaking out. She said, “It was misogynistic and she was absolutely right.” Cohen said that the impending revival of “Sex and the City”, “… and Just Like That, would tackle this issue. Cohen stated that she believes the new “Sex and the City” version would be “pretty groundbreaking.” She said that it would portray women living vibrantly in their 50s and 50s. However, they will still be attractive women. It will be a beautiful message,” Parker said in Vogue’s December issue cover story. She also recalled her “chatter” about gray hair.

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“There is a lot of misogynist talking… I’m sitting next to Andy Cohen who has a full-head of gray hair and is quite beautiful. He finds it acceptable. “Said the actress.

She also spoke out about how social media users are very critical of other people’s appearances.

She said, “She has too many wrinkles but not enough wrinkles.” It almost feels like people don’t want to see us happy with our current state. “Parker observed. “I am very conscious of my appearance. There is no other choice. It’s not clear what I will do. Can we stop the aging process? “Disappear” Cynthia Nixon and the cast from “Sex and the City,” star in “… and Just Like That, which wrapped production this week for the 10-episode season.