In a shocking video that was shared by the California reptile museum to social media, Awoman is seen snuggling up to an alligator measuring 8.5 feet.

Juliette Brewer, a zookeeper, can be seen cuddling Darth Gator, a 200-pound alligator.

Brewer, who is referring to Darth in the video, says “This Darth. I have photos of him throughout his entire life, but he got me that time.” “I tried to hold him, but he refused.”

The alligator then attempts to flee from the keeper of the zoo, who asks him where he is going. As he flees.

It becomes obvious that Brewer has been lying close to the animal’s urination. After finding the puddle left behind by Brewer, she exclaims, “Oh dear Lord what happened.”

The Fountain Valley Reptile Zoo in California shared the footage to TikTok with the caption “Sometimes, I hug Darth Gator.” It has been viewed more than 5.5 million times. stated that while she loves the passion for animals, baby girl is becoming too comfortable. Adrianahillstrom0429 said, “It’s all fun before he tears your face off.”

Brad Vitek claimed Brewer’s antics “so dangerous without any reason,” while Emma Brown accused Brewer of being “irresponsible.”

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She said, “When you make a mistake and it hurts your body, the alligator will be the one to die.” Katherine McNabney commented, “That seems incredibly risky,” and w.t.h.heather stated: “I am actually scared for you.”

Despite this concern, fatal alligator attacks are very rare. The CDCWONDER database records an average of one fatality per annum in the U.S. Each year, 56 deaths were reported as a result contact with hornets or wasps.

The University of Georgia’s Savannah River Ecology Lab warned that an alligator should not feel trapped or enclosed. WRDW was told by them: “Never corner an alligator. It may make them feel threatened. This will cause them to react defensively.”