In an epic battle that has been seen over 19 million times on YouTube, a rat evades death by taking on the ferocious snake.

A viral video of a stunning battle between a snake and rats has become a hit with animal lovers.

After being posted via TikTok by gaixinh81663932, and later posted via Twitter by syedaliff, video of the epic battle was posted on social media on Saturday the 6th of November. The video was watched over 19 million times on both platforms as of the moment of the writing.

The film starts with a Rat standing in a static position in front of a snake that has been coiled which was shot in the dark and presented in slow motion , with additional sound effects to give an exciting extra feature.

The snake comes to life in a matter of seconds and launches an attack on the rodent. The rat however is ready, jumping in a vertical direction to avoid the snake’s bite.

The film then moves to another scene of a rat getting out of the snake’s grasp – and fighting to defend itself. The rat can escape trouble as the snake unleashes another attack, before unleashing an amazing two-footed strike at the snake’s head.

Invincible, the snake tries to bite the tail of the rat however the rat is able escape the danger in a breathtaking split moment, leaping off into safety in a stunning way.

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The footage shifts to a different confrontation with the other species. The snake appears to be winning this time around, with the rat possibly being getting caught in the snake’s jaws.

But the rat is able to escape again by kicking the snake out before it has the chance to bury its teeth in its hair. Rats kick mud into an ear of a coil-up snake is seen in the final moments in the clip.

Many people dubbed the rat “actual Master Shifu” in reference to the animated character from the well-known Kung Fu Panda movies, which was an amazing display of nature at work.