How would you confirm it?

Scrolling through the tweets of Elon Musk can reveal a lot.

You learn for example, that he thinks Apple’s app store fees amount to a global tax on the Internet. And you learn that he claims never to have spoken with Apple CEO Tim Cook, despite reports to the contrary.

He reveals that, despite being CEO of SpaceX and Tesla and actively participating in many other companies, he would rather not be CEO.

Musk’s attention on Twitter may not have been surprising to me, as I wrote an entire ebook called Musk.Elon Musk has Very Big Plans

But, I have been stuck on one particular thing that we learned 53 days ago via one of his tweets. It struck me and a lot other people as significant personal news at that time for Musk.

It’s the tweet in which Musk said, in response to another Twitter user’s comment:

“My primary residence is literally a $50k Boca Chica house / Starbase I rent from SpaceX. It’s pretty awesome, though.

Sleuths did some sleuthing after he made that unusual claim, and they deduced that he must be referring to a roughly 400-square-foot manufactured home built by a company called Boxabl, which was in turn founded by a father-and-son team: Paolo Tiramani, and Galiano Tiramani.

In fact, in a video that the company posted on YouTube last year, the younger Tiramani offered a tour–and he explained that the house had been delivered for “a top-secret customer” in Boca Chica.

Now, when I first wrote about this a few weeks ago, I was careful to use the words “almost certainly,” because Musk never actually mentioned the company by name, and because in interviews that I came across, the Tiramanis would never quite confirm that Musk is their customer.

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So I did three things.

First, I searched everything I could to find out if Musk had addressed the issue elsewhere. If it is, I haven’t found it.

Then I reached out to him — where else. — on Twitter, asking if he’d confirm 100 percent, that he lives in the Boxabl house in the video.

Alas, no reply.

Finally, I asked Paolo Tiramani, Boxabl, to sit down last week for a video interview. I politely but persistently asked him questions to find out what he had to say about Musk.