After dropping Happier Than Ever, Billie Eilish stated that she is confident in herself and that she is happy with her life. Billie Eilish is speaking candidly about the internal struggles she has in relation to her body image.

The Guardian spoke with the singer, aged 19, about her perception of her body and how social media affects it.

She told the outlet that she sees people online looking as good as they have ever looked. “I am immediately like, “Oh my God! How do they look like this?” I am familiar with the industry and know exactly what people use in photos. I also know that what appears real can look fake. It’s still there and I’m speechless. It makes me feel terrible.”


“And I mean I’m confident in who and what I am. I’m very happy about my life…. I’m clearly not happy with myself,” she said, before adding that “but who else is?”

Eilish opened up about how photos taken by paparazzi of her have a negative impact on her mind. She also spoke candidly about how these photos affect her feelings about her body and the reactions to them from social media commentators.

We only need our bodies to eat, walk and poop. She explained to the outlet that they only need them for survival. It’s absurd that anyone cares at all about bodies. You ask, “Why?” We care. It’s all in the mind.

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The “Bad Guy”, singer explained that “When I’m performing on stage, I must disassociate myself from any ideas I have about my body.” Because I wear larger clothes, they are easier to move in and don’t show everything. They can be very unflattering. They look like I don’t know what they are in pictures. They are now completely distinct.”

Eilish said, “Because of such a terrible relationship I have with my body like you would not believe,” and that it was time to disassociate.