Farmers in Kacarlar on Turkey’s southern coast are facing apocalyptic scenes due to wildfires continuing to sweep the country.

Muzeyyankacar, a 56-year-old resident said that “the animals are on fire.” “Everything will go up in flames. Our house, our animals, and our land are all at risk. What other resources do we have?

More than 1000 people evacuated by boat from Bodrum, hundreds of miles to the west, to escape wildfires.

In the midst of scorching summer temperatures, and fires that experts claim have been made worse by climate change, at least six people died in dozens blazes that began earlier this week.

According to the Turkish Agriculture and Forestry Ministry, two firefighters were among the casualties in the battle against the flames on Saturday.

According to the ministry, 88 fires broke out in the country since Wednesday. It added that ten fires were still burning Saturday.

After a helicopter inspection of the affected areas, Recep Tayyip Erdan, Turkish President, declared certain parts of five Turkish provinces “disaster areas”.

In a Saturday tweet, the president said that “We will continue taking all steps to heal our people’s wounds, to compensate losses and to improve chances to better than ever before.”

According to the Turkish Natural Disaster and Emergency Directorate, (AFAD), at least three people were killed in the largest fire in Manavgat Province, Antalya Province.

Residents in Kacarlar are seeing their homes, which they had built by hand, go up in flames.

Gulay Kacar, 48, said that her father’s house was “in flames.” Kacar stated, “Gone, gone. It’s gone,” before adding that she was running to let the animals free.

Namet Atik (37-year-old farmer hailing from a nearby village) said that he had come to Kacarlar in order to help. Daily Reuters: “Whatever the village needs, we are there for them.”

He said, “We provide water and our cars, tractors and saws to them.” “We are forest villagers. The forest is our livelihood. There is no way to stop this fire.

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The resort of Bodrum on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast evacuated 1,100 people Saturday using more than 20 boats to escape the dangers posed near wildfires.

Aras tweeted Sunday, “There is an ongoing fire in Mazi district as early as the morning. It was not under control. But helicopters arrived and began operating.”