Elizabeth Hurley Pays Heartbreaking Tribute to Shane Warne

Elizabeth Hurley has broken her silence after the death of her ex-husband Steve Bing. He was a film producer and financier who was found dead on the 27th floor of his Century City apartment building. He had reportedly taken a fatal leap and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Elizabeth Hurley’s silent tribute to ex-fiance Shane Warne

Elizabeth Hurley broke her silence on Shane Warne’s death by posting an emotional tribute to the late cricketer on Instagram. The actress paid tribute to the Australian cricketer, who died of a suspected heart attack in Thailand. The couple had been together for three years before Shane Warne passed away on December 13. Shane Warne and Hurley were engaged in 2010, and the pair had a son together.

Warne’s manager confirmed his death but did not elaborate on the cause of death. The cricketer’s manager, Andrew Neophitou, said he knocked on the cricketer’s door and saw something was wrong when he entered. He then carried out CPR and mouth-to-mouth for 20 minutes before an ambulance arrived. In the meantime, the pair were spending the day together watching Test cricket.

Despite their breakup, the couple remained close after the 2000 split. However, Shane Warne was jealous of the relationship and found long-distance relationships difficult. His jealousy was revealed in the 2020 Foxtel docuseries called A Week With Warnie.

Liz Hurley’s relationship with Shane Warne

On a very difficult day, Elizabeth Hurley has shared a heartbreaking tribute to Shane Warne. She shared photos from her three-year relationship with the cricket legend. Warne, who suffered from a suspected heart attack, died after a short period of inactivity in his Thailand villa. The couple had been dating since 2010 and were engaged from 2011 to 2013.

Shane Warne, a former Australian cricket captain, died at the age of 52 in a tragic accident. He had been playing domestic cricket for Hampshire and also for his native state of Victoria. His death was so sudden that his family fought for him to be included in his will. The cricketer and Elizabeth were close friends, and he was a father figure to their son Damian.

Elizabeth Hurley broke her silence at a memorial service in his memory. She is appalled by her son’s grandfather’s ‘callous’ treatment of his son. The actor also said that he died with the knowledge that his children would be cared for.

Her relationship with Steve Bing

Elizabeth Hurley has broken her silence over her ex-husband’s suicide, which occurred in Thailand on June 21. The 55-year-old financier and movie producer was found dead on the 27th floor of his apartment building. He was pronounced dead at the scene. His death caused a lot of sadness for Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damian.

In the months following the tragedy, Elizabeth Hurley paid a heartbreaking tribute to Shane Warne. She says that the cricket legend was a father figure to her children, Damian. The couple were engaged from 2011 to 2013 and had a son, Damian.

She has also shared throwback photographs of herself with Warne. Warne was Hurley’s ex-fiance for two years. The pair were spotted together in a restaurant in Australia, where the pair were living together.

Her absence from Shane Warne’s funeral

The actress Elizabeth Hurley has paid a heartbreaking tribute to Shane Warne, the cricketer who passed away suddenly this morning. The 52-year-old was a renowned test batsman and a wonderful advert for the game of cricket. But his legacy is not limited to his playing, as his family and friends were devastated when they learned of his death. After hearing about the tragedy, Hurley shared a photo with her son Damian on her Instagram account.

The actress was missing Shane Warne’s funeral on Thursday. The cricket legend died of a heart attack while on a trip to Thailand with his friends. During his memorial service, more than 50,000 people attended the memorial service. He was a popular sportsman who made the sport his life.

Warne’s family have released a statement. According to them, Warne had been suffering from chest pains for the last few months and had even been to the hospital for heart problems. A friend, Andrew Neophitou, found Warne unconscious in his room. The friends tried to wake him, but he did not respond.