Mary Bedford 'Shook Up' and 'Cut and Buffed' After a Terrifying Car Crash


After being ‘ shaken cut and bruised’ after a terrifying car crash, Mary Bedford has opened up about her recent ordeal. The Love Island star, who recently splurged on a brand new Range Rover Velar, says the airbags in her car were ‘blown up.

Mary Bedford’s car was written off

In the 2021 series of Love Island, Mary Bedford entered the villa with Toby and Aaron and later linked up with Chris, who had just split from Jesy Nelson. The two eventually split, but Mary has been linked with rugby player Jacques O’Neill recently.

Mary Bedford has suffered cuts and bruises after a terrifying car crash. Her Range Rover Velar, valued at over PS50,000, was written off following the collision. Luckily, the driver’s airbag was deployed when the crash happened, and she is in stable condition.

The star of the popular dating show Love Island, Mary had a reputation for buying high-end cars. She’d never owned an SUV before, but she jumped at the chance to drive one last year. Though she’s only 22, she’s already experienced the luxury of a luxury car.

She was left with cuts and bruises

Last year, Mary Bedford was left with cuts and bruises following a terrifying car crash. The star, who was on the ITV2 dating show Casa Amor at the time, said she had spent a fortune on her car. The accident happened during a test drive for the car.

She was left with numerous bruises and cuts, and a number of other injuries from the incident. She is now working as a full-time model and is gaining fans on social media. Although she remains single, she is still pursuing her dreams of being on a reality TV show.

After the terrifying car crash, Mary Bedford was lucky to be alive. Thankfully, the driver’s airbag was deployed, but her dream car, a PS50,000 Range Rover Velar, was written off.

She has a blossoming friendship with Jacques O’Neil

Jacques O’Neil has been seen out and about with Mary Bedford. The pair were introduced through mutual friends. The couple met after the star of Love Island series seven left the villa. Jacques has subsequently decided to join The Social PR, which is run by Scott Thomas. The reality TV star has previously spoken about his recovery from mental health problems. In fact, Jacques has recently described the Love Island experience as ‘the worst experience of his life.

Mary begins to blossom into a friend, as her relationship with Jacques grows. The two begin to talk to each other and soon begin to understand each other’s lives and relationships. As their friendship deepens, the two share a mutual love of literature. Jacques’s love of books, art, and theater also brings them closer together.

Mary is a passionate reader, and her enthusiasm for reading and writing are both contagious. The two of them are a perfect match. But, a car crash shatters her dreams. She wants to tell Jacques the sad love story of her first love, and he offers to help her find him. Jacques even agrees to take her letter to the man she once loved.

She dated Chris and Jesy Nelson on Love Island

The reality TV star and model Mary Bedford revealed that she was shaken up’ and ‘cut and bruised’ after a horrific car crash. The accident was so bad that her Range Rover Velar was written off. The car’s airbags had already inflated, but the crash still caused her car to lose a significant amount of damage. The actress shared a photo of her wrecked car on Instagram to share the harrowing story with her 890,000 followers.

Mary revealed that she had spent a fortune on her car. Last year, she revealed that she had spent a huge amount on it. She said that she spent a large chunk of it on her dream car. Last year, she revealed that she had splashed out on her dream car.

The car crash that left her bruised and cut was the result of a speeding lane collision. The driver of the car was at fault. Thankfully, the driver was not seriously injured. However, Mary’s car accident has left her with a scarred face and a cut wrist. She is now working as a full-time model and has increased her social media following.