Ed Sheeran has been given permission by the local council to construct his own crypt for his family even though he has been snubbed by an unrelated neighbour.
The pop star has turned an estate in Framlingham, Suffolk, into a luxurious estate after buying nearby properties.

But, plans to build an appropriate final resting spot for his wife and Cherry Seaborn have caused one of his neighbors to raise concerns despite having the approval from the planning authorities. An outbuilding that is planned, and called”a “place of worship”, will have a 9ft x 6-foot burial chamber according to plans that were submitted for approval by East Suffolk Council.

The Bad Habits singer was granted permission for the project, but a local resident has raised opposition to his plans because of long-standing concerns about his plans to build the site of worship on his property in rural Georgia.

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An angry neighbor, Anna Woods, wrote in an email: “The area is well served by local churches and I feel there is no need for a well-known person to create his own island of calm when lovely places of worship abound in the area.”

Regarding what plans the building will have for the graveyard she stated: “I also note there will be a burial chamber in the building. Are celebrities now so detached from reality that their every living breath and now even the act of dying be apart from the rest of us?”

While he is a popular local celebrity Her extravagant home improvement projects have led to tensions between neighbours The original plans for an Saxon-style church building being discarded to make way for the more modest venue for worship.

The locals were also concerned about the idea of a wild swimming pond, claiming it could disturb the natural populations of newts, which would force Ed to assure that amphibians will still have a place to call home within the grounds of his estate.

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