Christine McGuinness Is 'On Top Of The World As She Takes A Sweep At Her Ex


The singer shared a video of herself looking happier and surrounded by recording equipment and a monogrammed suitcase. She also wore a florescent pink jacket and denim shorts. The video comes less than two weeks after Christine split from her husband Paddy McGuinness. Paddy McGuinness’ reaction to the video is also interesting.

Christine McGuinness ‘on top of the world’

Christine McGuinness seems to have taken a swipe at her ex-husband Paddy in a cryptic Instagram post. The Irish singer and songwriter, who has been married to Paddy for 11 years, posted a video of herself alone and included a track from Imagine Dragons. Fans have speculated that Christine might be appearing on Strictly Come Dancing, and the couple has not yet commented.

The cryptic message seemed to take a jab at her former partner, Paddy McGuinness, who has since moved on with another man. The actress also reveals she is ‘on top of the world after joining Jackpot Joy as a brand ambassador. She previously starred in a British comedy series with comedian Keith Lemon, called ‘The Keith & Paddy Picture Show. She also presented a one-off special for ITV in January 2018. In the same year, she also joined the panel on Keith Lemon’s shows and replaced Fearne Cotton as team captain on Through the Keyhole.

Christine McGuinness’slide at ex’

Last week, Christine McGuinness, 32, shared a cryptic Instagram post about her split from her husband Paddy McGuinness. The model and actress captioned the photo with the hashtag ‘#ontopoftheworld’ and added the words ‘on top of the world. The post was shared just one day after the couple announced their separation. Earlier this month, Christine McGuinness revealed her separation from Paddy McGuinness and teased an exciting new project.

The couple is proud parents of three children: Leo, nine, and Felicity, six. The pair met when they were both studying at university, and Christine said she met Chris while they were working together. Their children have remained close throughout the couple’s relationship. However, their relationship lasted until they married and have three children together. Christine McGuinness has never denied that she misses Paddy and feels that the breakup has ruined their lives.

Christine McGuinness’s cryptic swipe at ex

After paddy McGuinness’s recent split, his former wife Christine McGuinness took to Instagram to share a cryptic message. Christine shared a video of herself posing on a bench, surrounded by a suitcase and camera equipment. She matched her outfit with a bold pink lip and a slick application of mascara. Christine appeared to be referencing her ex, Paddy McGuinness, in the post.

The singer recently shared a cryptic message on Instagram that appeared to poke fun at her ex-husband. The couple announced their split in July, but continue to live together for the sake of their children. The singer and actress share three children with Paddy, including twins Leo and Penelope. They have three autistic children together. Christine has since deleted the Instagram post about her ex-husband.

Paddy McGuinness’s reaction

Following months of speculation, Paddy McGuinness has responded to his wife’s cryptic Instagram post by signing up for a newsletter. Christine has been a frequent contributor to the newsletter, with posts including “Love” and “Loads of love.”

Christine McGuinness recently posted cryptic Instagram stories about her single life, seemingly mocking Paddy’s apparent cheating claims. While the couple was pictured arm in arm with former All Saints singer Nicole Appleton in February 2018, Christine later admitted that she had “brushed the incident under the carpet.” Several months later, Paddy was hit with a spate of cheating rumors and failed to post any anniversary pictures. But the couple is still very much in love, and Christine recently told the OK! magazine that they were “solid” despite the recent cryptic posts.

Paddy McGuinness’ reaction to her move to New York

The first sign of trouble is Christine’s inability to share a photo of herself with Paddy on Instagram. The former couple has been separated for nearly two years, with Christine missing their 11th wedding anniversary. Christine hasn’t posted an image of herself with Paddy since February 2018, and he hasn’t been seen on Christine’s social media feeds since February 2022. Christine has also photographed alone without Paddy.

The film follows Christine and Paddy McGuinness’ relationship with their three autistic children. Paddy and Christine McGuinness’ relationship began from two very different places, but they grew closer throughout filming. As they grew closer, they began to understand each other’s perspectives on autism and what that meant to their children and their families.