Lucy Mecklenburgh's Baby Daughter Was Rushed to Hospital After Struggling to Breathe

Despite the best efforts of medical staff, Lucy Mecklenburgh’s baby daughter was rushed to the hospital after struggling to breathe. The new mother has a respiratory syncytial virus and is recovering in the hospital. Until then, you can follow Lucy’s progress via her Twitter feed. You can follow her journey to recovery on Twitter, where she’s been posting updates since the birth of her daughter, Lilah.

Lucy Mecklenburgh’s baby daughter was rushed to the hospital

The actress and model have been absent from social media for some time but has now shared the heartbreaking story of her daughter, Lilah. Mecklenburgh shared a picture of her daughter lying in the hospital surrounded by tubes and oxygen. Lilah was diagnosed with bronchiolitis, a common ailment in children under two years old.

Although Roman is now two years old, the youngster has also suffered from the same ailment. The baby caught the same cough that his father contracted in pre-school, so it’s likely that his little sister caught it as well. It’s not unusual for babies to develop bronchiolitis, and the condition can affect breastfeeding. In this case, it is crucial for mums to act quickly and seek medical attention as early as possible.

She has a respiratory syncytial virus

A picture of little Lilah being tube fed by her mother, Lucy Mecklenburgh, has gone viral. The youngster has bronchiolitis, a common chest infection. Bronchiolitis affects babies under two and is caused by a virus called respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Earlier this week, the TOWIE actress shared a picture of her newborn daughter, Lilah, in a hospital. Lilah was tube fed and was kept warm in the NICU, where she was diagnosed with bronchiolitis, a common respiratory infection in young children. Although she was able to breastfeed her daughter, the infection caused her to struggle to breathe and was tube fed.
Lucy Mecklenburgh's Baby Daughter Was Rushed to Hospital After Struggling to Breathe

She struggled to breathe

It seems that the world is a bit worried about the health of a newborn baby after the TV star’s new daughter Lilah was rushed to the hospital after struggling to breath. The former TOWIE star, who is also engaged to Corrie’s Ryan Thomas, has posted an image of her daughter in hospital, attached to a tube and on oxygen. She has since revealed that the condition is common among babies under two, called bronchiolitis.

The baby was taken to hospital after being found blue in her cot. Her doctors diagnosed her daughter with RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) – a condition that causes the respiratory condition Bronchiolitis. Lilah is now recovering at home. The mother and father had previously experienced a health scare with her eldest son, Roman, two, who spent a week in intensive care. The couple had previously told the Daily Mail that Roman had turned blue in his cot and spent a week in the hospital.

She is recovering in hospital

‘Hello, Lilah!’ – The words of the day for all parents! Baby Lilah is recovering in the hospital after spending days in the hospital with a chest infection caused by a respiratory syncytial virus. Mecklenburgh, who has two children with Ryan Thomas, wrote on Instagram that she and Ryan have been out of touch for a few days due to Lilah’s illness. Although she is not a medical professional, Lucy wants to share her experience to help other parents.

While Roman was rushed to the hospital, his parents were able to get him back home a day later. The parents were so grateful for the NHS, which saved Roman’s life. Although the toddler was put on a ventilator and was on an IV for a week, he has now recovered and is back to being his cheeky self. Lucy has thanked the NHS and the doctors for helping save their son.
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She was found “blue” in her cot

Baby Lilah, the little girl of the TV star, was taken to hospital after struggling to breathe on her own. Doctors reportedly found her with RSV, which causes Bronchiolitis. The mother, who gave birth to Lilah in May, also has a two-year-old son named Roman. Roman has also suffered from health problems, having spent a week in intensive care last year after waking up blue.

The actress shared the sad news of her daughter’s plight on Instagram. She posted a photo of her daughter in the hospital, attached to a tube. Although she was not a doctor, Lucy explained that her daughter suffered from a respiratory syncytial virus, which affects the lungs and breathing passages. The virus can be particularly dangerous for infants and the elderly.