James Jordan Prefers Ola Smaller Than Robbie Savage


James Jordan’s wife Ola is smaller than Robbie’s, according to a new report from The Sun. The Strictly pro prefers her smaller size as he believes that ‘bellies get in the way of s’. The corrie star is also the victim of a Twitter attack from Robbie Savage, who claims that ‘bellies are an annoyance’ and ‘get in the way of s’.

Corrie’s James Jordan prefers their wife Ola smaller

According to reports, James Jordan prefers his wife Ola to be smaller as ‘bellies get in the s’. The couple met in 1999 and have a two-year-old daughter named Ella. Ola has spoken about her body image and admitted she feels uncomfortable and sad about the way she looks. However, James has been adamant about the way his body looks and has admitted that he’s had enough of the mummy look.

Despite the controversy surrounding the couple’s relationship, James and Ola Jordan have shared several pictures of their children. They recently posted a snap of their daughter Ella in a bikini. James Jordan openly admitted that he didn’t want his daughter to have a big mother body. The couple’s daughter Ella has been crying for a long time and Ola Jordan has a funny reaction to her daughter’s tears.

Strictly’s James Jordan prefers smaller as ‘bellies get in the way of s’

Speaking on the Loose Women show, Ola revealed she is unhappy with her body and feels embarrassed about it. James, meanwhile, admitted he prefers his wife to be smaller as ‘bellies get in the way of s’. Despite this, the couple has remained close since Ola left Strictly in 2013, but there is some tension between the pair.

The two met on the Strictly stage in 1999 and are parents to two-year-old Ella. The couple has since become body positivists, claiming they have indulged in junk food and not moved enough. Their weight has increased and they want to lose a few extra pounds to look their best in front of Ella. James claims he is embarrassed by his beer belly and has even complained about having ‘belly hair’ sticking out of his belt. Nevertheless, James and Ola insist they are being open about their weight gain.

The couple recently had their first child, a daughter named Ella. They met at Strictly and have been married since 2003. The couple had a difficult three-year journey to parenthood. Ola had in vitro fertilization, and Ella was born by Caesarean section. James has spoken openly about post-partum weight gain in men and has promised to get back in shape and concentrate on her health.

Robbie Savage attacks Strictly producers on Twitter

The former cricketer has launched a furious Twitter attack on Strictly producers after he incorporated a Michael Jackson crotch grab move into his paso doble choreographed to ‘Bad’. Savage had admitted to viewers that he was ‘guilty’ of his performance, and the BBC has since received 267 complaints about the stunt.

The former Derby County player has already launched a media career of his own, combining a busy playing career with a busy TV schedule. He is a regular co-host of Radio 5 Live’s 606 phone-ins on Saturday nights and was recently shortlisted for a Sony Radio Academy award. He also has a new book coming out and has also co-hosted a radio show on radio station 5Live.

Robbie Savage continued his feud with Soldier Ant’s team on Twitter, accusing them of unfair criticism and “sexism”. He also attacked Strictly’s producers on Twitter, asking for them to change their “patron-agent” rule. He also aimed at his teammate Jason Marston, who appeared to be more supportive of him. The show has apologetic policies in place for Robbie Savage’s Twitter rants.

Chris Hollins criticizes Corrie’s James Jordan for preferring smaller ‘bellies’

In the new issue of Women’s Health, Dr. Kristine Hollins criticizes Corrie’s James Jordan for her larger ‘belly’. Hollins is not alone in her criticism of the role. She was criticized in the same article by several other women. Some of them are also doctors and have published studies in the same field.

Several experts from prominent medical schools, including the University of North Carolina and Duke University, have expressed their opinion on the role. Dr. Hollins, for instance, cites the work of Drs. Perfect, Pisetsky, and Tedder, as well as fellow panelist Dr. Allen, who also criticizes James Jordan for having a smaller ‘belly’ than his own.