A seasoned trend setter and style icon, Carrie Bradshaw has a long and storied fashion history. Her early embrace of the Fendi baguette, now a perennial hot seller, has helped establish Sex and the City as one of the best shows about fashion. But before her new It-bag hit the shelves, she managed to afford a Dior saddlebag, a Gucci belt bag, and various monogrammed logo bags, including an Hermes Birkin.

During the break-up with Berger, Carrie wore a wrap dress, while the actress was caught on camera smoking weed. In the wedding scene, she recite a poem to her new husband, while Mr. Big is too busy to listen. Despite the recent fashion history, Bradshaw has been seen carrying a few other handbags on set.

In a dazzling new series, Bradshaw, who has become a billionaire, sports a green floral Manolo Blahnik handbag. But the actress has also been spotted carrying other bags, including a vintage Bottega Veneta clutch. While her striped sweater has become a staple in her wardrobe, her new It-Bag has a serious place in fashion history.

The striped sweater is reminiscent of her iconic outfits. The skirt is made of the crinoline of a ballgown, and the mini-fanny pack echoes her tutu from the opening credits. Her new it-bag also has a floral brooch that recalls the colors and patterns of the season’s last episode. In addition to the vintage Manolo Blahnik handbag, Carrie Bradshaw has an equally iconic it-bag.

The new It-Bag was made in tribute to the legendary actress. Unlike the iconic Dior Baguette, it was a popular item that was a part of Bradshaw’s wardrobe. In fact, the baguette style was the first ‘it’ bag to be worn on the TV show. Whether it was the red or purple one, the baguette is a great fashion classic.

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Besides the classic Carrie Bradshaw It-Bag, Sarah Jessica Parker has also used the iconic purple Fendi Baguette on several occasions. Her infamous purple sequin bag has become an icon, and the vintage Fendi Baguette is another cult favourite. The bags are also a perfect accessory for any evening event. So, if you’re looking for an it-bag, you’ve come to the right place.

Aside from being a great gift, the new bag has some serious fashion history. It was given to Bradshaw by her friend, Big, and it has become an instant hit. During the show, the bag became a global phenomenon, and people started to buy it for themselves. Today, it is owned by Kim Kardashian and Jaclyn Hill. Its iconic status makes it an important part of the show’s culture.

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