After a report by TMZ on Saturday, Britney Spears deleted a cryptic Instagram post, in which she called her mother “the worst mom ever.” In the cryptic post, the singer claimed that she no longer receives private baths, eight gallons of blood a week, and was ‘drugged’ by her doctors. Her fans were understandably alarmed, but the singer quickly deleted her account.

Earlier this week, Britney Spears pleaded with a judge to be let out of conservatorship. In her cryptic Instagram post, she compared life with the ‘worst mom’ character in the movie Crossroads. In the caption of the photo, Spears referred to red, and she also compared it to her character, Lucy Wagner, in the film.

After deactivating her Instagram account last week, Spears has begun voicing her frustrations with her mother. In one post, Spears called Lynne Spears a ‘worst mom’, comparing the way she raises her children to a character in the movie. In other posts, she compared her life to the life of the character Lucy Wagner in the movie.

Britney Spears has been in the headlines for many reasons lately, from her court battle and conservatorship, to her mysterious Instagram posts. In one recent post, she posed with a buffalo horn, a red lipstick, and a video of her holding a smoky bottle of champagne. The caption ‘Britney’s worst mom’ was a mystery, but cryptic posts like this have fans wondering about the singer’s whereabouts.

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Another cryptic post by the pop star was shared on social media. It was a close-up of her eyeball, which revealed a fly on it. A fan responded by tweeting the same image to Britney. The post was a “thank you” for her fans, who had taken to social media to support their star. In addition, Spears’ cryptic message could be interpreted in several ways.

On her Instagram page, Britney Spears posted a cryptic post about her conservatorship, in which she showed a close-up of her eyeball with a fly. The cryptic caption was a response to a tweet that a fan had sent to Britney. A fan’s tweet to Britney prompted Spears to share a similar video.

A cryptic Instagram post by Britney Spears has caused fans to speculate what her next big move is. In her cryptic caption, she wrote that she would be in a different city in July and May 2020. Ultimately, Spears’s cryptic message did not contain any specific details, but it made her fans wonder how the singer would respond to such cryptic messages.

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