Black Adam's Post-Credits Scene: What It Means And Why Fans Love It

We can all agree that it would have been extremely convenient to see a post-credits scene while we watched the blockbuster Black Adam. But as disappointed as fans were by its lack, that didn’t stop us from leaping around in excitement when there was finally something.

Black Adam Returns

When Black Adam was first introduced in the comics, he was a villain. But over the years, he’s become more of an anti-hero. And now, it seems, he’s finally returning to his roots.

In the post-credits scene of Black Adam, we see that Teth-Adam has been resurrected and is now back on Earth. He’s not alone either, as it seems that Black Adam has recruited some other villains to his cause. This include[s] Gorilla Grodd, Solomon Grundy, and Captain Cold.

This scene has huge implications for the future of the DC Universe. First of all, it confirms that Black Adam is indeed alive and well and hasn’t been turned into dust like so many other characters in the DCEU. Secondly, it sets up a potential conflict between Black Adam and Superman. And lastly, it teases a possible Justice Society of America movie or TV show.

Fans are understandably excited about this post-credits scene and what it could mean for the future of the DC Universe. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out in the months and years to come.

Why Fans Love It

Black Adam’s post-credits scene is one of the most talked-about and beloved scenes in recent memory. And it’s easy to see why fans love it so much.

The scene in question sees Black Adam (played by Dwayne Johnson) finally getting his hands on the long-awaited Justice League movie. After years of anticipation, fans were finally able to see Black Adam’s first meeting with Superman (Henry Cavill), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), and Batman (Ben Affleck).

Black Adam’s post-credits scene is significant for a number of reasons. Firstly, it marks the first time that Black Adam has been seen on screen since his debut in DC Comics’ Shazam! #1 back in 1973. Secondly, the scene gives fans a taste of what Black Adam will be like in future movies; an unhinged, physically powerful, and ruthlessly intelligent supervillain. Finally, the scene teases Black Adam’s potential role in future DC films, hinting at a larger role for the character in the DC Extended Universe.

Fans have already begun speculating about what Black Adam’s post-credits scene could mean for future DC films. Some believe that the scene could be setting up a potential face-off between Black Adam and Superman in a future movie, while others think that it could be setting up a confrontation between Black Adam and Wonder Woman. Regardless of what happens next, one thing is for sure: fans are

What It Means

Fans are loving Black Adam’s post-credits scene! Here’s what it means and why they’re so excited about it.

The post-credits scene shows Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) meeting with Shazam (Zachary Levi) and Superman (Henry Cavill). They all exchange pleasantries and then discuss the fact that someone is trying to kill superheroes. They don’t know who it is, but they all agree that they need to find out who is behind it.

This scene is important because it sets up the potential for a Justice League movie. It also introduces Black Adam as a potential member of the team, which fans are very excited about. This is a character that has been teased for years, and it’s finally great to see him on screen.

Fans are already speculating about who could be responsible for the attacks on superheroes. Is it Lex Luthor? Brainiac? Doomsday? Whoever it is, they’re in for a fight when the Justice League comes together to stop them.

List of other post credit scenes

If you stuck around through all of Black Adam’s credits, then you were treated to a post-credits scene that offered a big hint at what’s to come in the DCEU. The scene in question shows Shazam (Zachary Levi) and Superman (Henry Cavill) conversing in the Fortress of Solitude. Superman tells Shazam that he’s heard a lot about him, to which Shazam replies, “Yeah, I’ve heard a lot about you too. But it’s all true.”

This brief exchange is packed with potential implications for the future of the DCEU. First and foremost, it confirms that Shazam exists within the same universe as Superman. This had been heavily speculated but never confirmed until now. It also teases a possible showdown between the two characters down the line. Considering how powerful they both are, it would be safe to say that such a battle would be one for the ages.

Fans absolutely loved this post-credits scene, with many already clamoring for aShazam/Superman movie. Only time will tell if Warner Bros. decides to pull the trigger on such a project, but there’s no doubting that the chemistry between Levi and Cavill is electric.


The post-credits scene for Black Adam was a fun one, and it set up a lot of potential for the future. It also left some fans wondering what it all meant. Thankfully, we have some answers for you. The scene in question sees Black Adam meeting with Shazam, which is likely setting up a future confrontation between the two characters. This is something that fans have been wanting to see for a long time, and it’s finally happening. Thanks for reading and be sure to let us know your thoughts on the post-credits scene in the comments below!

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