This past Monday DC announced the news that Jonathan Kent will be featured in the upcoming issue in the series ” Superman: Son of Kal-El” Volume 5, and be introduced into a relationship with friend Jay Nakamura. However, for Cain who played the role of the Man of Steel in “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” from 1993 to ninety seven, and played Jonathan Kent withinside the lively “DC Super Hero Girls” exciting projects, the pick isn’t exactly innovative.

“They stated it’s a formidable new direction, I say they’re bandwagoning,” the actor said. “Robin recently came out as bisexual, so who’s really smitten by this? “The the new Captain America is gay. My daughter who appeared in [The Supergirl” series on the CW, where I played the father, went gay.”

“So I don’t suppose it’s formidable or courageous or a few loopy new direction,” he said. “If that they’d executed this twenty years ago, possibly that might be formidable or courageous.”

Cain even went as far as the point of suggesting that the gay Superman inside the comics could be a performative and that he’d as alternatively see Jonathan Kent in reality preventing the rights of homosexuals out of the U.S.

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“Brave might be having him preventing for the rights of homosexual human beings in Iran in which they’ll throw you off a constructing for the offense of being homosexual,” Cain said. “They’re talking about the need to fight weather extrade and deportation of refugees. He’s seeking out a hacktivist, whatever an hactivist does. Why can’t they make him to fight the injustices that caused the deportation of refugees is he protesting? It could be a brave move I’d like to look into this. Also, preventing the right of girls to go to for their college education and have the ability to stay and work, and men are not being victimized by the methods of men under the brand new and fresh Taliban. It’s a courageous idea. There’s real evil planet today, corruption and overreach by authorities There are many factors to fight.”