The novel coronavirus delta variant is surging across the country, and his infrastructure proposals could catch on different political snags — but President Joe Biden is making overtures to minority voters this week.

Biden’s slight turn is intended to help Democrats in the run-up to next year’s midterm election, when the party at power usually braces for large losses, according to historical trends.


Biden and White House aides met this week with top Latinos as well as members of the Asian American/Pacific Islander community. These are two demographic groups that Biden and the other Democrats can’t take for granted in 2022 according to Christopher Hahn, Aggressive Pro podcast host. Hahn is also a former Democratic consultant.

Hahn stated that he believes they did in 2020 and it nearly cost him his election,” he told the Washington Examiner about Biden.

For example, more than three-fifths Latinos voted for Biden in the last election. However, Trump’s former president made significant progress with the bloc in Florida’s Miami-Dade County, and Texas’s Rio Grande Valley. This contributed to an 8 percent swing towards Republicans, as compared to four year ago, Catalist, a Democratic data firm, found.

Many strategists saw Biden’s lackluster response to the pro-democracy protests held in Cuba last month as an opportunity missed to make inroads with Republican-leaning Florida.

Hahn stated that Trump’s campaign made a lot of effort to reach these voters and sold them a bill of goods claiming that Biden was a communist dictator similar to the ones their family fled in the past. “Democrats need to counter the misinformation that Republicans are spreading.”

It took Biden and White House just a few days to condemn communism. He eventually called it a “universally failing system”, a phrase that he and his staff repeatedly repeated.

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Biden stated that he didn’t consider socialism a substitute for the real thing, but that was another story. This was in reference to liberal Democrats pushing him to adopt far-left policies.

Hahn suggested that Florida’s 1,000,000-plus Puerto Rican residents could be a target for Biden, Democrats in 2022 or 2024.

He stated, “I honestly thought they would have a good chance to flip Florida if they did proper outreach to Puerto Rican voters, who emigrated there after Hurricane Maria and the financial crisis in Puerto Rico over 10 years.” They are already citizens. They are ready to vote.

Trump won Florida by 3 percentage points. This increases his margin of victory over Hillary Clinton by 1 percentage point. The 26th and 27th congressional district seats were also won by Republicans, with Maria Elvira Salazar and Carlos Gimenez removing Democratic incumbents.

After Trump’s focus on COVID-19’s Chinese origins and China’s insufficient transparency regarding the virus, AAPI people became an important Biden constituency. After Asian American women were the majority of those killed in a spa shooting spree, Biden addressed these issues on an April visit. High-profile members, including Democratic Senators, have pushed him. Tammy Duckworth from Illinois and Mazie Irono of Hawaii.

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Hahn stated that Democrats and Biden need to do all they can to win the vote. He also suggested that Democrats listen to voters and take action. “Good governance is good politics.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has reiterated Biden is not prioritizing politics, particularly when needled on his battleground state trips. His schedule is difficult to ignore as he focuses on refocusing his efforts after passing the $1.9 trillion coronavirus spending bill and striking a $1.2 billion bipartisan bricks and mortar infrastructure deal. These achievements may be eroded as COVID-19 case numbers rise and Biden is under pressure from the Democratic Party to scale back his infrastructure plans, particularly the environmental provisions of the Democrat-only reconciliation bill.