You have to take as many bikini selfies as you can now that August is here. Well, Sofia Vergara recently dropped a photo that just about melted down Instagram.

It’s quite simple. The Modern Family alumni is shown in a beautiful pink string bikini. Her hair is long and flowing, and her abs are stunning.

The comments were so overwhelming that people almost fell apart. Emily Skye wrote. “Do you have a pool boy?” Someone else wrote, “I’m available.”

Sofia, 49, is a regular at the gym. Marie Claire was told by Jennifer Yates, her trainer, that Sofia enjoys walking on a treadmill at a high incline. She said that although she doesn’t enjoy running, she will sometimes get on the spin bikes for 15 minutes. But, she prefers to walk at a high altitude.

Yates stated that Sofia is a regular exerciser and does five to seven workouts per week. She said, “We rotate with Sofia.” She said, “We have days between when she rests. You are more likely to get injured if you exhaust your muscles.

She also understands the importance of strength training. Yates stated that she will do butt exercises twice a week because this is the area she loves to work on. “A few times, we do abdominals and upper body.”

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Sofia is also a big fan of planking. Yates stated, “Crunches can be great.” “During red carpet season, we do a lot more upper body and abs exercises–planks also are great.”

She also gets some exercise at home. Women’s Health previously reported that Joe Manganiello, her husband, had built a nice gym in their home. So she doesn’t have excuses.”