The news broke that DC and Warner Bros. are working on a solo big-screen film with Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl. Although a teenage superhero, the actress is reportedly not against a role reprise. In fact, she has said that she is not against the idea. Despite being forty years old, Silverstone is ready to take on the role of Batgirl again.

Silverstone first played the iconic character in the 1997 Batman & Robin film. She wore the Barbara Gordon costume in the film, and has since re-imagined her role as the daughter of Commissioner Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth. The movie was a failure both critical and box-office, and the Batman franchise was put on hold. Only after the release of the film, Christopher Nolan has decided to bring back the beloved superhero to the big screen.

After years of rumors about Silverstone reprising the role, she finally said no to the project. In an interview, she revealed that she was not against the role and that she was not against a sequel. The actress also talked about body-shaming, and her own personal experience as a female superhero. She added: “I’m not against reprising the role, but I’m not against it at all.”

The actress has been very supportive of the idea of bringing the iconic DC character back to life. After all, she was the it girl of the ’90s and was a part of the critically acclaimed Clueless film. She was a major force in the comics industry and her popularity spread like wildfire. Not only did she inspire legions of fans, but she also made women’s fashion choices and knee-high socks a thing of the past.

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Alicia Silverstone is not against reprising the role of Batgirl, but she’s also not against the idea of bringing the iconic DC character back to the big screen. In her 1996 movie, she starred alongside Michael Keaton as Batman. Despite her sexy looks, the character had a lot of flaws, including her lack of diversity.

She has a very strong fan base and she isn’t against the idea of reprising the role of the Batgirl. She’s just a fan of the character, and she doesn’t mind the idea. Besides, her role is still very important. Moreover, she wants to make sure that she gets the right look to play her Batgirl role in the movie.

In the recent movie Batman & Robin, Alicia Silverstone played Barbara Wilson. In the film, she wasn’t the daughter of James Gordon, but rather the niece of Alfred Pennyworth. Despite the lack of similarities, Alicia Silverstone’s character was very different from her role in the previous Batman film. Nonetheless, she has a very strong fan following and has many fans.

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