After dating for three years, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck announced that they had called off their engagement in April 2021. Despite the excitement and the possibility of a rekindled romance, the actors had a bit of fear about reestablishing their romance after their split in 2004. After all, Ben Affleck has struggled with alcohol issues. So, rekindling their romance isn’t an easy task. But, Jennifer Lopez said that she and Ben Affleck still love each other and were happy with their current status.

It isn’t just the kids who will benefit from this rekindled romance. Ben Affleck has three children from his first marriage to Jennifer Garner. Their son Samuel is nine and 13-year-old Seraphina was born after their divorce. While Affleck is an amazing father, his children will also benefit from a healthy relationship. So, they’ll both be happy if the two actors are able to get back together.

Affleck and Lopez’s rekindled romance has been much talked about, but there are still some questions about the future of the couple’s relationship. It’s not clear when the two actors will get back together, but they’ve been spotted together in Los Angeles and Montana in May 2021. A source revealed that Affleck and Lopez have been in touch for quite some time.

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But, there’s good news. The two stars are now dating again and it looks like their romance is back on track. They first dated in 2002 and got engaged in 2004, but a year later, they broke up. And they’re grateful for it. Their new romance is something they’ll never forget. This is what it takes to build a strong relationship with a partner.

It was hard for both actors to admit that they were hesitant about rekindling their romance due to their busy careers. The two actors’ career is very demanding and their time is valuable. Affleck is grateful for Jennifer Lopez’s second chance. Affleck’s new romance with her is a new milestone in their relationship and they have no plans of stopping it.

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Nevertheless, the actors have a busy schedules. Besides their busy work lives, the two actors’ rekindling romances will be the most important thing in their lives. However, there is no doubt that they have been thankful for the second chance to be together. Similarly, the actors have a lot to celebrate. And their love life is also full of great moments.