Twilight fans may be shocked to learn that Twilight star Taylor Lautner is not a Jacob fan. The young actor, who played Jacob Black in the first three movies, says he wasn’t a Jacob fan before the franchise started. In fact, Lautner was Team Edward as a pre-teen. Kelly Clarkson even shared a photo of Dome wearing a Twilight hoodie. Despite teasing his pregnancy, it was clear that he was a fan of Edward Cullen. The two subsequently fell in love and started dating, a relationship that would lead to marriage.

Interestingly, Taylor Lautner revealed in an interview with E! News that his fiance was Team Jacob. He also explained that he had never been on Team Jacob before. But now, the actor has opened up about his phobia of fame and says he is a “team Edward” guy. While the actress was on Team Jacob, she was still on Team Bella.

After playing the role of Jacob Black in the Twilight franchise, Taylor Lautner took a step back and took low-key roles. He hasn’t acted in anything serious for a few years, but he’s still working in his acting career. He’ll be appearing in the upcoming Netflix film Home Team, starring actor Josh Gad. Whether he’ll be playing a Jacob or not, his life is definitely going to be exciting.

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The young actor is engaged to Tay Dome and is excited to start a new life with the real-life Jacob. The two are already in the news after his new film Home Team, which will debut in 2022. He’ll be back in the spotlight after taking a break from acting for a while. And while he’s a quiet Twilight fan, he’s still in the spotlight.

The Twilight actor’s fiancee was a fan of the worldwide phenomenon. She also had a favorite love: Bella. While he’s not married yet, the two are inseparable. The two have been in a relationship for a few years and Dome’s support is one of the reasons. But the fiancee was not a team Jacob, so he is not a Jacob.

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However, the actor has not been married in five years. He’s been busy promoting his new film, Cuckoo, since 2018. But, he has been away from the spotlight for a few months. After his split, he reveals that his fiancée was not Team Jacob. The film was a commercial and critical failure. But, Taylor Lautner had a devoted fan.