The theatrical release of Roland Emmerich’s new disaster film has been cancelled in Canada, the distributor said on Friday. The decision was made because theaters in the country are experiencing financial uncertainty. In addition, cinemas in Canada have been closed for the past few days due to public-health restrictions, which may have had an impact on the film’s box office potential. Though the reason for the cancellation is unknown, it’s unfortunate for the movie’s Canadian audience.

Previously, Moonfall was scheduled to open in most Canadian theaters on Feb. 4. However, the lack of a theatrical release in Canada has affected the movie’s international box-office potential. In addition, a pandemic-related outbreak in Canada impacted movie theaters. Because the movie is still being released stateside, there are no plans for a video on demand release in Canada.

The cancellation of the theatrical release of Moonfall is a blow for Canadian moviegoers. While it will still be released in the US, its broader audience in Canada will not be able to catch the movie in theaters until the second weekend of February. In Canada, the movie will only be released in select theaters. If it does open in Canada, it will be on video on demand (VOD) in Canada.

The cancellation of the theatrical release of Moonfall in Canada is a blow to Canadian cinema audiences. The movie was marketed through Allied Global Marketing, a company that had partnered with Mongrel Media to market the movie. The company had been active in marketing the film for several months. A promotional video was posted to the Mongrel Facebook page as early as September. Cineplex listed the film as opening Feb. 4 in the fall, posters were hanging in theaters, and the trailers were available online. The trailer for the film was up for a couple of weeks. On Twitter, a message was posted to the Mongrel account, promising an “experience” that could only be obtained in theatres.

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While it is unclear when the film will be released in Canada, it has been canceled in other parts of the world. Despite the cancellation of the theatrical release, the film will still be available online for purchase. In the United States, it is scheduled to have its theatrical launch in Quebec, where Emmerich is based. In Canada, the filmmaker will be able to make the movie in Montreal.

The cancellation of the theatrical release of Moonfall is a setback for the movie’s fans and the entire movie industry. Originally shot in Montreal, the movie will be released in the U.S. on February 4. Sadly, the Canadian version of the movie has been canceled in Canada, but the United States will see it on massive screens on February 4, 2017. The Canadian film will be released on February 4 as an original in North America.

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