Azealia Banks Net Worth - Bisexual Hip-Hop Artist, Actress and Musician


Azealia Banks is a talented American singer and rapper. Her net worth is estimated at $3 million. She has released numerous singles and won several awards. Her net worth is just one factor of her success. Here are some things you should know about her career. Bisexual, Hip-hop artist, Actress and Musician


During an interview with the New York Times, singer Azealia Banks came out as bisexual. Banks, a rising star in hip-hop, revealed her sexual orientation for the first time. She hopes to use her sexuality as an outlet to get her name out there. Kanye West, among others, follows her on Twitter.

The singer’s recent comments have been a source of controversy for the LGBTQ community. Not only did Azealia Banks call the queer singer Frank Ocean a “dumbass n****” and make homophobic remarks, she also implied that gay men who take PrEP+ are using the treatment as an excuse to engage in promiscuity.

The term bisexual is used to describe people who engage in sexual activity with more than one person. It can refer to any type of sexual relationship. In contrast, monosexuality conflates being with doing. This is a mistake, as it teaches people to look at the relationship type, instead of the person. Bisexuals have a more diverse and open sexuality than monosexuals. In fact, some of the most famous celebrities are openly bisexual, which makes them more accessible to the public.

Regardless of her sexual orientation, Banks has a sense of humor and is able to fend off criticism well. She was born on May 31, 1991 in the Harlem neighborhood of New York. As a teenager, she signed to XL Recordings and quickly achieved fame. Soon after, her debut single, “The Way You Look Tonight,” went viral and was chart-topping internationally. She then signed with Polydor and Interscope records. She later left these labels to pursue an independent career. Eventually, she started her own independent record label, Chaos & Glory Recordings.

Hip-hop artist

Azealia Banks is a singer from the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. She began performing in off-Broadway theatres when she was just a teenager. She then went on to study at the renowned La Guardia High School of the Performing Arts. Since then, she has been honing her craft and establishing herself as a star in the industry.

Banks’ success has been due to her unique sound, which incorporates production from electronic musicians. Her albums have sold over 32,000 copies in the U.S. and her social media presence has sometimes shifted focus away from her music. Her personal playlist includes tracks by Lil Internet and Com Truise, as well as jazz classic Duke Ellington.

Despite her young age, Azealia Banks’ music has made waves on the internet. Her breakthrough track “212” has garnered more than 20 million views on YouTube. The raunchy lyrics and vulgar chorus were enough to catch the attention of major music websites. The track reached the 12th spot in the British pop charts the same year. However, the controversy surrounding the emergence of hip-hop by Banks continues.

Banks has been in a battle of words with Cardi B in recent years, but recently, her tough stance against the rapper seems to be softening. Her recent praise of Cardi B’s chart-topping single “Bodak Yellow” is a good indication that she is reconsidering her stance.


Actress Azealia Banks has an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars. She is known for her many singles and has won awards as a singer and a rapper. She started her career when she was only a teenager and is currently pursuing a career in music. Azealia has also publicly feuded with Elon Musk and Perez Hilton.

She was born on May 31, 1991, in New York City. She grew up with two older sisters and her mother was abusive. She was often told she didn’t deserve anything. She eventually left home and moved in with an older sister. Azealia has released three mixtapes and two extended plays.

Azealia Banks started her acting career at the age of sixteen. She then went on to star in the comedy show City Angles and auditioned for shows like Nickelodeon, Law & Order, and TBS. After a failed acting career, Azealia Banks changed to music. Her first single, “Gimme a Chance”, was released on November 9, 2008. In 2009, Azealia Banks started her rap career by releasing a remix to Mahor Lazer’s hit song “Can’t Stop Now.”

The estimated net worth of Azealia Banks is $3 million. Azealia Banks has performed in different fields and hasn’t disclosed her actual salary. However, most sources estimate her net worth at $3 million dollars.


Azealia Banks is a musician and songwriter who has gained much attention in recent years. She is a member of the hip-hop community in New York. Her music and lyrics have drawn comparisons to hip-hop legends. She is also regarded as a savior of the gay community.

Banks was born on May 31, 1991 in Harlem, New York. She first began releasing music on Myspace when she was sixteen. When she was eighteen, she was signed to XL Recordings. The song she released under this name went viral, reaching many international charts. Soon, she signed to other record labels including Polydor and Interscope. Later, she started her own label, Chaos & Glory Recordings, and released a collection of music.

Banks is also a controversial figure. She has publicly discussed the plight of women with darker skin. She also confirmed rumors that she had bleached her skin to become lighter. Banks has also lent her vocals to other artists’ songs, including the Scissor Sisters’ “Shady Love.”

In addition to her hip-hop music, Banks has also been known to slam Beyonce and Drake. The two artists recently released their first collaborations, “Piece of Cake” and “The Sweet Nothings.” She has also been involved in controversy, including a recent attack on Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z.

Campaigner for civil rights

Azealia Banks has been under fire in recent weeks for a video featuring a homophobic message. The video was widely condemned and Banks quickly apologized. However, the change of heart was fleeting. In another Instagram story, she doubled down on her homophobic remarks. Banks also appeared to announce her departure from music, an act that has been met with criticism.

As someone who is outspoken about race and U.S. politics, Banks has become a walking contradiction. The reactions to her statements have been mind-blowing and entertaining. However, her views aren’t consistent with her Hip Hop sensibilities. In fact, some of her most controversial statements have been about race and the media’s role in the representation of people of color.

Azealia Banks has a history of homophobic comments. A simple Google search of “Azealia Banks + homophobia” will bring up a list of incidents dating back several years. Despite her apparent love of feminism, she has made a number of anti-LGBTQ remarks.

Banks is not the only rapper to make this claim. She has also been accused of appropriating African-American culture and being racist. The Grammys, after all, is supposed to reward artists for their artistic talent. Banks have even enlisted the help of some friends, including Iggy Azalea and Skai Jackson. On Instagram, she has a dedicated account, @azealiabanks.

Celebrity boyfriends

Azealia Banks has been linked to numerous celebrities. However, it is unclear which one of them is her current boyfriend. Although the rapper has feuded with other artists, there is no indication that she is gay. Moreover, she has hinted that she is planning to get married in the near future.

Banks is a 31-year-old American Rapper. She was born on 31 May 1991 in Harlem, New York. Her famous songs include “212” featuring Lazy Jay. Her career has spanned from 2008 to the present. She is born under the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Dave Chappelle: Azealia Banks is no stranger to drama. She has taken a lot of jabs at various famous people in the past. Most recently, she claimed to have a romantic history with Dave Chappelle, which could end his marriage. In addition to Dave Chappelle, Azealia Banks has been linked with other celebrities. In 2015, she dated Jesse Bradford.

Ryder Ripps: Banks’ boyfriend Ryder Ripps has been reported to be an American creative director and conceptual artist. He has worked with Red Bull and Nike. During their relationship, Banks made a set of earrings from the bones of her deceased cat, Lucifer.