Jiggy Germ Latest Picture from His Official Instagram Account

Hip Hop is the most awesome genre that has given more swagger and vibes than any other.It has the power to entertain someone as well as convey the reality-based lyrics. That is why most of the artists are cool. They know how to hit their audience with the correct lyrics. One such artist is Jiggy Germ, who has influenced many hearts.

Rap industry’s rising young star Jiggy Germ earned an honorable name in the industry with his pure talent. The hip hop industry is so crowded that only those with true talent can rise. Jiggy Germ was raised in no time due to his passion and talent for music. He was born and raised in New Jersey, has always loved music.

He began working in the field at an early age, pursuing his passion for songwriting and sound production. He participated in numerous occasions, including gigs, open mics, music videos, and shoots. Talent, so the saying goes, always fills the void. He quickly developed a reputation in New Jersey and many other areas.

After some time, Jiggy relocated to Los Angeles to gain more expertise in the industry, and he became successful by quickly grabbing the attention of locals. Even still, he felt that it was insufficient because he desired universal acclaim for himself and his singing abilities. The next location he picked for this was Hawaii.

Jiggy Germ’s Music Industry Services

Jiggy has collaborated with a lot of talented musicians and has put out a lot of popular music thus far (all available on YouTube, Deezer, and Soundcloud). Some of these include Jiggcoin, Jiggy Beach, I Got the Juice (directed by DoloFilmz and starring Mr. Chicken), and Full Attention (starring Baby No Good and produced by Stood). Additionally, he released two EPs, “DMX,” “Lawd Jiggy,” and “Y.K.W.T.F.G.O,” which were huge successes for him and his career. 

Jiggy Germ received numerous invitations and signed contracts with high-profile social media companies within two months. His brilliant and captivating music videos are one of the reasons for his popularity such as the recent one for the song DMX. His followers complement his work by saying the videos are as entertaining to them as the songs.

Futhermore, Jiggy Germ is famous for his live performances. With a significant level of success, Jizzy received numerous invites to perform at significant venues, like A3C and SXSW, where he gained additional fans and followers.

Upcoming Projects

After the successful delivery of Jiggcoin, Jiggy Germ is working on another project whose release date is not confirmed yet. To get more updates, keep visiting Jiggy Germ’s official website or follow him on Instagram. Links are given below.

Instagram: @jiggygerm

Website: jiggygerm.com