April Love Geary Responds to Criticism of Bikini Photo

April Love Geary is countering her critics.

A follower complained about a bikini picture she posted to Instagram Sunday. The 26-year old model responded, E! News reported.

According to the outlet, she posted the picture in the blue-and-white bikini and a critic messaged April. She wrote: Dear April, I love your photos, and you being a proud mom. But your last ‘sexy’ pictures. You don’t really need it, I don’t think. What would you like …?” to see?

Sharing a screenshot of the conversation to her Instagram Story, Geary responded “I want you to see my a– in that last pic tbh,” adding a GIF of Olivia Rodrigo shrugging.

The model, who has daughters Lola, 3, and Mia, 3, and son Luca at 7 months with Robin Thicke, displayed her “hot mom(bod),” celebrating her body after having a baby.

April Love Geary Responds to Criticism of Bikini Photo

Geary is open to sharing her personal life with her followers online, but she doesn’t mind if others criticize her social media posts. When pregnant with Luca, she clapped back at a commenter who criticized a nude selfie.

“Girl! They asked her what she was doing with the photo. She replied, “Mowing the grass?” What does it look like I’m doing???”

The critic said, “It looks like you’re doing too much!” The critic commented, “It looks like you’re doing too much!” The influencer replied, “I don’t have a husband My body is mine, and no man can see it.”

Ever honest with fans, Geary previously shared her abortion story.

“I’ve been getting a bunch of DMs saying things like ‘how could you support abortion when you’re a mother yourself’ so this is MY body, MY body after having an abortion in 2014, a miscarriage in 2017, delivering a baby in 2018 and 2019,” she captioned an Instagram post in 2019.

She said, “I’m glad that I was able to make decisions about my body without being punished.”

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