Linda Blair has confirmed that she will not be part of the new trilogy 'The Exorcist.

Linda Blair, the iconic star of The Exorcist, has said that she will not be appearing in the new film trilogy.

Three new movies based on The Exorcist were announced. Ellen Burstyn will return as Chris MacNeil, after 48 years.

Burstyn (88) is said to be on board for the $400million (PS289.4million), ‘continuation” of the Exorcistuniverse. Blair (62), however, has made it clear that she will not participate in the upcoming films.

She released a statement on Twitter saying: “To all of my fans who have asked about my participation in the new Exorcist restart, as of right now, there has been no discussion about me reprising or participating.”

Linda Blair has confirmed that she will not be part of the new trilogy 'The Exorcist.

“I wish all involved the best and I appreciate their loyalty and passion for The Exorcist as well as my character.”

Blair played Regan MacNeil in the 1973 original film. He becomes demon-possessed after playing with an ouija board.

Burstyn portrayed her mother Chris, who is frantic and enlists help from the clergy to exterminate the demon once it becomes out of control.

The story will be retold by Hamilton‘s Leslie Odom Jr, who plays the role of a father who seeks help for his child after he is possessed.

The release of the first movie in the trilogy is scheduled for 2023. Subsequent movies will air on Universal’s streaming platform, Peacock in the USA.

All prequels and sequels, including the 2016 series featuring Geena Davy in the lead role, will be canceled. The trilogy will only serve as a continuation of the original film.

The Exorcist received wide critical acclaim, including an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. However, it also attracted controversy for its satanic subject matter.

The UK set viewing restrictions for the film in 1974. This included a ban on certain areas from showing it.

The British Board of Film Certification denied it an age certificate in 1984, ten years after the original broadcast. This was essentially a ban on the video from being distributed in the country.

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All copies of The Exorcist were withdrawn from the UK by 1988. It remained a banned video up until 1999 when it was allowed to be released for home use.