Anne Heche's Death Ruined Accidental After Fiery Car Crash

Recently, it has been reported that actor Anne Heche died of burns and inhalation injuries after a fiery car accident. What did the coroner’s office find? How did this tragic accident affect her life and career? Read on to learn more. Below, you will learn more about Heche’s death. The coroner’s office ruled the actress’ death accidental and listed August 11 as her date of death.

Anne Heche died from inhalation injury and burns after a fiery car crash

In a fiery car crash on Aug. 5, Anne Heche died from inhalation injury and burns. Her death was ruled an accident. The Emmy-winning actress suffered severe burns and anoxic brain injury. She was declared brain-dead and kept on life support until her organs were donated. Sadly, her death is a tragic loss for Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Her death was ruled accidental

A coroner ruled Anne Heche’s death an accident, citing burns, anoxic brain injury, and a fractured sternum. The full autopsy report is pending. Police have terminated the investigation, which may have involved drugs, alcohol or both. In any case, the Emmy-winning actor had been unconscious for more than five hours when the accident occurred.

Cause of death

The official cause of death of Anne Heche after a fiery car crash is still under investigation. The actress died of burns and inhalation injuries. The Los Angeles Fire Department says that she was a passenger in the car when it flipped over and landed on its roof. The fire department says that 59 firefighters had to extinguish the flaming structure for 65 minutes. The fire department said that one adult female passenger was taken to a hospital, but there were no other injuries. An autopsy report is being completed, but at this time, there is no specific cause of death for Heche.

The Los Angeles Police Department has obtained a warrant for a blood test, and it is currently investigating the role that alcohol and drugs played in the crash. Once the investigation is complete, the case will be turned over to the LA City Attorney’s Office. An LAPD spokesperson told ET that she had “narcotics” in her system when she was killed, according to multiple law enforcement sources. The LAPD has not yet released the results, but a spokesperson told ET that a blood sample had been taken from Heche.

Coroner’s report

The actress’ death has been ruled an accident. The coroner’s report states that she suffered burns and inhalation injury. She was kept on life support until she could donate her organs. A blood sample showed narcotics in her system. After her death, the police closed their investigation. The coroner’s report lists her death date as 11 August.


Police have not confirmed the cause of Heche’s death but have said the accident is being investigated. Investigators will present the case to prosecutors once the case is closed. Representatives for Heche have not commented on the incident. Lynne Bernstein has lived in the Venice home since 1976. She and her husband Dave are close friends and were able to talk to Heche shortly after the crash. They were able to get into the back of the car and speak with Heche. She told them that she was not doing well and that she was not feeling well.

The actress was trapped inside the burning car. She suffered from burns, which are often dangerous in enclosed spaces. In addition to smoke and heat, the burning car also had a flammable interior that was difficult to ventilate. According to Cooper, toxic gas from the fire can affect the health of people trapped inside. The investigation is still underway, but she was taken to the Grossman Burn Center for treatment.